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Like the Awesome Moments, the show didn't have very many of these (since the movie didn't really focus on them), but when they did appear, they were even more poignant.

Season 1
  • The ending of "Look Homeward, Ray." Ray is his hometown hero again, he's back with the Ghostbusters after having quit earlier in the episode, and the girl he always had a crush on as a kid kisses him.
  • The two kids in "The Boogieman Cometh" want the Ghostbusters to protect them from the Boogieman, and offer them all the money in their piggy bank. Peter tells them a standard trap and contain costs $1500, then smiles and says they'll "make an exception."
    • When the Ghostbusters get kicked out of the house by the confused parents, and Winston sneaks back to defend the kids during the night.
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    • Egon exposing his Papa Wolf side and being able to stand up to his fears when the two kids are in trouble at the end. He later tucks them into bed and kisses their foreheads goodnight.
  • At the end of "Troll Bridge," Peter tricks the trolls into thinking they've turned the runaway Wart into a statue with the particle beams - ending their threat against New York and allowing the little guy to do whatever he wants to from now on. As the guys see Wart off, he says his first real English phrase: "Thank you, Peter."
  • In "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream," after Egon is taken out and his dream (Albert Einstein) manifests, Winston feels he's in over his head.
    Winston: I wish the others were here. Peter would know what to do. Ray, Egon, they'd build what they needed. I'm not a scientist.
    Einstein: Young man, you needn't be a scientist to solve a problem. Just try your best. You'll find the solution. Good day.
    • At the end when Winston is shown asleep on the couch, a moment that adds Funny to Heartwarming has Slimer lie on top of Winston and snuggle up to him like a little child. Cue the others go "Aw..."
  • In "Citizen Ghost," after the Ghostbusters' evil doubles blast Slimer.
    Peter: You zapped my little buddy! (fires)
    • Just before this in the same episode, the reason why Slimer even got into position to be blasted was because Ray was volunteering to go out and draw the evil doubles' fire. Since Ray had been the nicest to Slimer all along, cue Slimer squeaking "NOO, NOT RAAAAY!", kissing Ray on the cheek and going off to draw the evil doubles' fire himself.
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  • After being freed in "When Halloween Was Forever," Samhain summons all the ghosts in the city to his location and Slimer gets pulled there against his will. He's quickly found out as an ally of the Ghostbusters and ganged up on.
    Samhain: Your mortal friends cannot help you. Only I can save you. Deny them. Swear allegiance to my army of the night, and I may permit you to exist.
    [Slimer waves him in close and blows a raspberry in his face]


  • The ending of "The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic": Proof that Peter Venkman really does have a heart.
    Venkman: Actually... I'd love that cup of tea.
    • It's also one of the best uses of a recurring musical leitmotif in the first season, a wailing electric guitar piece that usually accompanies more tender moments.
  • The ending of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ghost?" when Uncle Horace remembers what he was looking for and says his final goodbye to Olivia before dispersing peacefully.
  • The ending of "Ragnarok and Roll", complete with Cue the Sun.
    • When it looks like Jeremy won't stop, Egon proposes setting their proton packs on overload (causing a half-mile wide crater), but that would mean staying with them to ensure they don't get turned off. The others agree.
      Winston: Well, I guess this is it.
      Ray: Yeah. It's been nice working with you guys. You, too, Peter.
      Peter: Hey, ditto. Only next time, don't call me. I'll call you, okay?
      Egon: Janine...
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  • The ending of "Drool The Dog Face Goblin" is both this and Tear Jerker. Drool willingly sacrifices himself so that the Ghostbusters can capture the shape-shifting phantom and Ray makes it clear that it is impossible to separate Drool from the phantom because multiple ghosts have their molecules mixed when they are captured in the same trap, but the Ghostbusters and Madame LaFarge take consolation in the fact that Drool will probably enjoy being with his own kind in the Containment Unit.
  • Each of the guys tries to pull a More Expendable Than You in order to keep their promise to Heironymus, a man trapped in the Netherworld for nearly 3 centuries, in "Egon's Ghost":
    Ray: We gave Heironymus our word that we'd take him back with us, Egon! I'll stay.
    Egon: Don't be foolish, Ray. This is all my fault. I'll stay.
    Peter: Neither of you would last five minutes here. I'll stay.
    Winston: Like fun you will.
    • When Heironymus agrees to vacate their deal, Winston hands him his proton pack to give him a fighting chance against the bad guys.
    Winston: Here, you'll need this. Aim it, press this, and you're ready to rock and roll.
  • Who can forget the ending of "The Man Who Never Reached Home"?
  • "Ghost Busted" contains one in-universe after the guys find where Janine is being held hostage and break in and save her. As Egon begins to untie her, the camera switches to a shot of Peter, who stops bantering with Janine and turns his head aside, just as Winston and Ray enter, only to stop in the doorway and grin, while Slimer goes, "Awww..." You finally see why when the camera pans over to reveal Egon and Janine hugging and smiling like this is the happiest moment of their lives.
  • The end of "Knock Knock." After Peter yells at Slimer for pigging out (again), the others suggest cutting him some slack - with Egon pointing out he's a ghost living with a bunch of Ghostbusters. That night, Peter sneaks Slimer a mini-pizza.
  • "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster" ends with the guys thanking her for saving them and promising her a raise. She agrees on the condition that they keep her apartment ghost-free from now on.
    Janine: [putting her arm around Slimer] Except for this ghost. He can haunt my place any time.

Season 2

  • In "Slimer, Is That You?", well-after the "Freaky Friday" Flip has taken place:
    Janine: It's nothing, Egon. Just realizing that it really is your mind I like.
  • In "The Bogeyman is Back," Egon admits his struggles with fear have caused a nasty situation.
    Egon: That fall I took today terrified me, but the more I tried to hide it, the more frightened I became. The Bogeyman sensed my fear and drew enough strength from it to break out.
    Peter: It's okay, Egon.

Season 3

  • In "The Brooklyn Triangle," the Collector's forces steal objects throughout New York, which leads to Winston and his father being captured. While in his fortress, they have the time to hash out their falling out over Winston leaving the construction business. They patch things up just in time for the Collector to say his sole motivation was finding the ancient key that would free him from the fortress.
    Winston: What do you think, Dad?
    Ed: I know when somebody's lying, and I believe him.
    Winston: Yeah, so do I.
    Ed: Then that's good enough for me. My boy oughta know. He's a Ghostbuster.

Season 4

  • Egon calming down a crying baby by babbling to it at the end of "Three Men and an Egon".
    • From the same episode, Winston cooing to baby Egon while changing him after Ray and Peter failing miserably at changing his diaper left him swaddled up rather uncomfortably.
    • The four of them taking "family portraits" with baby Egon at the same time. While it's meant to be an illustration of the guys' Skewed Priorities when it comes to Egon (as if they don't figure out how to reverse his transformation in a short timeframe he'll vanish, like he never existed), it's also pretty sweet to see Ray, Winston, and Peter melt in the presence of infant Egon.
    • The scene where Egon becomes a toddler and plays with a kitten is also pretty endearing.
    Egon: Look, kitty! Ghostbusters!
    • It is noteworthy and endearing in "Slimer's Curse" that Slimer uses his lottery winnings to buy stuff for the Ghostbusters and Janine rather than himself.

Season 5

  • The entire climax of "Janine, You've Changed" for Egon/Janine fans.


  • The DVD set's visual commentary for the episode "Egon on the Rampage" opens with an adorable improv bit between Maurice LaMarche (Egon) and Laura Summer (Janine), which not only doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, but is heartwarming on both the "real world" level (for showing the kind of camaraderie that existed between the cast) and "in-universe" (if you picture it between the characters):
    Laura Summer: (in the same voice she used for Janine, watching her character get slimed during the Title Theme Tune) I was very glamorous.
    Maurice LaMarche: (in his Egon voice) Very glamorous, especially with slime all over you. It's your best look.
    "Janine": Thanks, Egon.
    "Egon": I don't have to hold back now because the show's over, so I can confess my feelings towards you.
    "Janine": Did you really feel that way?
    "Egon": (in the flattest monotone) I felt deeply, deeply affectionate towards you. Can't you tell?
    "Janine": I knew it!
    "Egon": I'm feeling deep affection right now...


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