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Heartwarming / Extreme Ghostbusters

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  • "Darkness at Noon, Part 1," where Slimer begs Egon not to go out to fight Achira because he's worried he'll get hurt. After seeing Egon's mind is made up, Slimer gives a kiss on the cheek for luck for good measure.
  • In "The Sphinx," Garrett telling Egon, who had been stubbornly trying to prove that he can keep up with his proteges and grabbing firm hold of the Jerkass Ball in the process, that while the younger Ghostbusters don't need him out in the field (where he gets in their way), they do rely on him for his wisdom and experience in battling ghosts.
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  • In "Fear Itself", the group find the ghost that's been causing people's fears to manifest: a small, fly-like creature that is visibly terrified of them. Kylie and Roland theorize that it must have been down there for ages and never hurt a soul until someone came in its territory and scared it. So, instead of destroying or capturing it, they merely seal the entryway back up so it has a space to itself again.
  • The ending of "Grundelesque", when Kylie is reunited with her childhood friend Jack. They immediately hug with tears in their eyes.
    Kylie: We have a lot of catching up to do, after we find your parents.


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