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Extreme Ghostbusters is an animated television series and a follow-up to the animated series The Real Ghostbusters. The series originally aired in the autumn of 1997, and features a team of younger college-level Ghostbusters who are led by veteran Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, who is now a college professor.

The following is a list of the episodes that aired during its short run.

  1. "Darkness at Noon": Two part episode. Years after the end of The Real Ghostbusters, lack of supernatural activity has put the Ghostbusters out of business and Dr. Egon Spengler, who still lives in the firehouse to monitor the containment unit, is now a paranormal studies professor at a local city college. However, when Achira, a disease-spreading entity, is released by a group of subway workers, Egon recruits the only four college students who signed up for his class: Kylie Griffin (an orphaned Goth girl and occult expert), Eduardo Riveria (a lazy, sarcastic Latino slacker), Roland Jackson (a Black and Nerdy tech genius), and Garrett Miller (a wheelchair-bound jock).
  2. "The True Face of a Monster": A rabbi's son uses a golem to fight back against a group of thugs (one of whom turns out to be Garrett's old friend) who have been vandalizing the synagogue at night.
  3. "Fear Itself": The gang investigates strange occurrences in a recently renovated hotel and face a creature that brings to life any intruder's innermost fears...including their own.
  4. "Deadliners": The XGBs investigate a string of disappearances, and discover the culprits were brought to life from the writing of a children's horror novelist.
  5. "Casting the Runes": A petty thief steals a pouch of runes from the Metropolitan Museum, and becomes a slave to a self-proclaimed god.
  6. "The Infernal Machine": The XGB team battles Luco, a demon that jumps to various electronic devices and controls them — including Roland, who becomes possessed into constructing an infernal machine.
  7. "Home is Where the Horror Is": The XGB team investigates a house that may be behind the disappearance of two boys.
  8. "Killjoys": Vampiric clowns run amok in the city, devouring anyone who laughs — and Eduardo gets bitten by one after finding a jack-in-the-box outside his apartment.
  9. "The Unseen": The XGB team try to fight back against a demon who steals the eyes of anyone who looks at it, but Eduardo and Kylie end up trying to find their missing proton packs and Egon, Roland, and Garrett get arrested.
  10. "The Crawler": Fed up with Egon not showing her any attention, Janine resorts to making him jealous by dating a handsome Hispanic man, who turns out to be a bug-like monster in search of a queen.
  11. "The Pied Piper of Manhattan": The XGB team is rendered useless when a man appears to be able to lead ghosts away with his piper music. However, things take a turn for the worse when the mayor won't pay the piper.
  12. "Be Careful What You Wish For": A sinister salesman arrives in New York City who can apparently grant people's deepest desires. However, it soon becomes apparent that each of the granted wishes cause more harm than good — particularly for Eduardo, who becomes trapped in Kylie's pampered cat Pagan after wishing she would respect him more.
  13. "Grease": The XGB team must combat a mischievous gremlin on a plane, all the while under the watchful eye of two government agents who see the Ghostbusters as criminals.
  14. "The Jersey Devil (Made Me Do It)": The XGB team must protect a town from the Jersey Devil, despite not having any of their equipment.
  15. "Dry Spell": The XGB team must combat a creature that can drain moisture from the human body, and an obsessed oceanographer who wants to capture it.
  16. "Sonic Youth": A banshee and a siren set out to brainwash kids, and Roland ends up entranced by the Siren's song.
  17. "Ghost Apocalyptic Future": A disturbance in the space-time continuum results in Kylie switching places with a rebel fighter from the future, where New York is ruled by a paranormal tyrant called Tempus. In the process, Tempus is split into two versions of himself in both time zones.
  18. "Bird of Prey": A huge, bird-like dragon known as the Hraesvelg causes the weather in New York to change drastically, and the XGBs must stop it before the weather threatens the city.
  19. "Seeds of Destruction": A seed inhabited by a vengeful paranormal entity causes havoc when it starts transforming plants into overgrown monstrosities that can cause whole buildings to collapse.
  20. "The Luck of the Irish": A recently-released leprechaun has set out on a vendetta to persecute those it believes stole his pot of gold, with matters becoming even more complicated when he curses Garrett with bad luck.
  21. "The Ghostmakers": After looking into a mirror, Eduardo's spirit is consigned to a spirit realm where even other ghosts cannot see or hear him.
  22. "Slimer's Sacrifice": Slimer becomes trapped in the Containment Unit and the Ghostbusters are being picked off one by one by an aggressive dog-like monster called Fenris.
  23. "Grundelesque": The Grundel appears to be hunting after children again, but when Egon reveals that the original Ghostbusters captured the Grundel years ago, Kylie finds out that the new Grundel is actually connected to Jack, her long-lost childhood friend.
  24. "In Your Dreams": Morpheus, the dream ghost, uses an obnoxious talk-radio DJ to turn people's dreams into living nightmares.
  25. "Moby Ghost": When an entity that resembles a whale causes electronic chaos across the city, the XGBs must join forces with a spectral hunter in order to stop the creature.
  26. "Fallout": The XGBs have to devise a new plan when an entity that feeds on nuclear power and can't be brought down by their proton packs.
  27. "Eyes of a Dragon": After a Chinatown merchant disappears, the XGBs find that people across Chinatown are having their bones stolen.
  28. "'Til Death Do We Start": A city yuppie asks the XGBs for protection when he is plagued by an undead bride.
  29. "Glutton for Punishment": Citizens across New York are going into inexplicable feeding frenzies, and the problem comes too close to home for comfort when it seems the disorder has also affected Slimer. Can the Ghostbusters stop him from eating the entire firehouse?
  30. "Ghost in the Machine": When a formerly abandoned oil well is reopened, an old spirit escapes and starts possessing vehicles.
  31. "Dog Days": A demonic dog enslaves all dogs in the city.
  32. "Mole People": A string of power outages is blamed on a group of people living underground.
  33. "Temporary Insanity": When Janine goes on vacation, the XGB hire a temp to handle her workload, but it becomes obvious that the temp isn't all that she seems.
  34. "Rage": With the Firehouse being sprayed for bugs, Egon is forced to move in with Eduardo. The arrangement is complicated with a troll on the loose in the city and Eduardo's brother (who despises him for being a Ghostbuster) responding as part of the NYPD.
  35. "Heart of Darkness": A recent spate of thefts of electrical equipment and a set of priceless crystal skulls bring Egon into contact with an old associate.
  36. "The Sphinx": A sphinx is turning Manhattan's intellectuals into blathering idiots as punishment for not solving his riddle. Meanwhile, Egon is depressed over getting old and starts to impose himself in the Ghostbusters' field work.
  37. "Witchy Women": Three teenaged witches try to recruit Kylie into their coven to bring about a spirit that will grant them more power, but when Kylie refuses, they recruit the oblivious (and infatuated) Eduardo.
  38. "Back in the Saddle": Two-part Series Finale: The Ghostbusters from the 1980s (Peter, Ray, and Winston) return for Egon's 40th birthday — just as a mysterious entity begins devouring people, boats, and whole towns down the length of the East Coast.


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