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  • Why would the Grundel hold such a grudge against Kylie? All she did was not join him, and there's no way she can be the only kid he couldn't turn. If he wanted revenge against anyone, shouldn't it have been Egon, the only one still around of the 4 who imprisoned him ten years ago?
    • He actually might hold grudges against every kid he couldn't turn — not viciously enough to specifically hunt them down one by one or anything, but if one's right in front of him (and a Ghostbuster to boot) hey, might as well get some payback.
    • Or it's possible that the grudge is more minor than it appears and he wants to take revenge on Egon, who he has a much bigger beef with, by taking out one of Egon's proteges (which, given Egon's Papa Wolf tendencies, would actually be a decent revenge move).
  • As at least one reviewer pointed out, why doesn't Garrett's wheelchair have a seat-belt? It's not like that would be too hard for Egon to create and it would be very practical.
    • Garrett's pride, self-reliance and daredevil personality would never allow it.
  • What became of the Junior Ghostbusters from the Real Ghostbusters? They are never mentioned during the run of the series. You'd think that when it came time for Egon to recruit a new team of Ghostbuster, Donald, Catherine and Jason would have been the first people he contacted. What's more - they'd could have had the presumably grown Junior team meet the Extreme Ghostbusters.
    • My guess, the writers chose not to include characters who were so negatively received during their first run.
    • IDW comics gives us possible in-universe explanation: Extreme Ghostbusters' timeline and the Real Ghostbusters' timeline are considered being two different branches of the same universe with an unknown point of divergency. So it is possible that the Junior Ghostbusters never existed in Extreme Ghostbusters' timeline.

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