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Heartwarming / Ghostbusters (2016)

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  • At the end, Holtzmann, uncharacteristically mature and on the verge of tears, gave a toast to her sincere love for the team.
    • Truth in Television, as many people who are hip, spunky and habitually sarcastic (i.e., a very dominant disposition) have a very hard time expressing emotions that make them vulnerable (like love).
  • Erin is lamenting how orange her hair is after some hastily applied dye, and Holtz says "I'd talk to you at an AA meeting," and just keeps beaming happily at Erin and grinning even as she takes a drink.
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  • The metal concert audience and band are the first people to not treat the Ghostbusters as weirdos or idiots, and they all cheer for them once Mayhem is vanquished, complete with the band playing a song for them and letting them celebrate on stage.
  • At the end of the film when the Ghostbusters look outside and see most of the city lit up with "I Love GB". After being relentlessly bullied by scientists and the government, it's nice to see that they're finally beginning to get the respect they deserve for saving the city.
  • Slimer and Mrs. Slimer taking the Ecto-1 on a joyride. Yes, they're barreling recklessly through midtown Manhattan, but with the smiles on their faces? Unlike all the other ghosts, they're happy and having fun.
  • Though Erin's Broken Bird story is a bit of a Tear Jerker moment, her acknowledgement that Abby was the only one who believed her about being haunted as a child brings it back into heartwarming territory.
    • Holtzmann's wink afterwards isn't just a flirt, it's also a moment of genuine camaraderie and support after Erin shares her painful story.
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  • "I wasn't going to abandon you a second time."
  • Despite him being a little bit of a idiot, it's nice to see how protective the Ghostbusters are of Kevin when Rowan possesses him.
    • It's mutual. Right before Kevin is possessed, he's suited up as a Ghostbuster, next to his bike, and declares that he's joining the team officially. He truly feels he's one of them, and he's ready to fight for them.
  • The delivery boy bringing Abby a container stuffed with wontons. Granted, she's still put out by the broth/wonton ratio, but it's pretty sweet of him to do that for the woman who destroyed his motorbike.
  • After the Ghostbusters get their dressing down by the mayor and the Feds, the way Holtzmann shows them all the new equipment she's designed for them comes across as her trying to cheer them up. She specifically asks Erin to go first since she knows she's had the worst day out of any of them, and gives her a Swiss Army Knife as well.
  • Holtzmann seems pretty fixated on Erin for the entire film, and her attempts at flirting are sweet, and even Erin appears flattered.


  • Verging on Tear Jerker, the end credits include a dedication to Harold Ramis. A bust of Ramis appears near the beginning, just outside Gilbert's office, and his son Daniel appears as a metal fan.
  • The credits include a special thanks to Ryan Kemp, a Ghostbusters super-fan who passed away in 2015.
  • When Twitter trolls attacked Leslie Jones after the film's release (even making a fake account posting bigoted comments in her name), fans and celebrities rallied behind the tag #LoveForLeslieJ to offer her their support.
  • At a festival panel, Kate McKinnon giving a tearful speech that included thanking Paul Feig for letting her wear a jumpsuit and have her hair up.
  • Answer the Call earned a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie, and Hemsworth and McCarthy respectively won Favorite Movie Actor and Favorite Movie Actress. It looks like even after the controversy and the failure to recoup the advertising budget, the reboot did succeed in getting a new generation interested in Ghostbusters.