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Tear Jerker / The Real Ghostbusters

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  • The end of "Ghostbuster of the Year" when the ghost finally finds what he's been looking for.
  • In "Slimer, Come Home," Slimer scarfs down Winston's birthday cake (in one bite!) and Peter really lets him have it - sending him away practically crying. The green spud then decides to run away from home. Watch Slimer saying goodbye to the sleeping Ghostbusters and leaving behind a letter (which Janine reads), and try to say it doesn't make you sad.
    "No one likes me. I'm always doing bad things. I try, but I can't help it, so it's better if I leave. Goodbye forever. Slimer."
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  • "Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin": Drool, a shape-shifter who lives with a small carnival, throws himself at another shapeshifter ten times his size to protect the people who loved him, knowing that he can't let go until the guys put them both in a trap.
    Drool: (mumbles)
    Ray: What did he say?
    Carnival Owner: He said "Save them. Do what you have to."
    Peter: I take it all back, buddy. (fires)
  • One short but extremely powerful moment is the sight of Ray Stantz of all characters trembling and audibly on the edge of tears as he quits the Ghostbusters after failing to capture two ghosts multiple times and being humiliated in front of his entire hometown and his childhood crush in "Look Homeward, Ray." The way he trembles and his voice falters when he says, "I... I can't endanger you anymore. That's why... that's why... I quit..." is absolutely heartbreaking. It gets worse when he takes a job at the shoe store owned by the person responsible for his failure (not that he knows that at the time), dressing up as a giant pink bunny and selling shoes.
    • Gets even worse later on as the guys feign an accident by driving Ecto-1 into a puddle of mud and getting stuck while trying to "capture" a ghost. Ray suits up and runs out of the shoe store to help... only for Slimer to ruin the illusion by de-possessing the bundle of twigs and mattresses held together with twine that was supposed to be the "ghost" to go after an ice cream truck. After Slimer exits the scene crying, Ray leaves the other three behind, dejectedly stating that shoes are his life now. This comes after he offered his proton pack to the others to use for spare parts. Poor guy...
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  • "The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic" ends on a major heartwarming moment, but it's also quite sad when Peter reflects on his own mother and his regrets over how she spent so much time alone.
  • Janine grieving over Slimer's Disney Death in "Robo-Buster".

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