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Heartwarming / Squirrel Boy

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  • In "The Big Haggle Hassle", after the angry clown statue that Mr. J wanted breaks, we get this exchange between him and his son:
    Mr. J: (mourning the broken statue) No, Angey! I wanted to buy that clown for my collection.
    Andy: And I wanted buy that clown for you for your collection.
    Mr. J: (enlightened) Oh, that was nice of you son.
  • In "Birthday Boy", Rodney writes "Happy birthday Andy" on the grass using a motorized lawn mower. Once Mrs. J drives Andy home, Rodney takes him on top of the Johnson family's roof to surprise Andy with the text he wrote in the grass. In spite of the chaos and destruction Rodney inflicted upon the neighborhood, the angry citizens surrounding the house, Mr. J getting charged, and on top of that, the police arriving, Andy loves his gift nevertheless and deems this to be his best birthday yet.
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  • The end of "Anti-Ice Cream Social", which has Andy go on an ice cream date with Martha. Their affection is mutual.
  • Rodney and Andy (and Kyle and Salty Mike...) reuniting at the end of "Islands in the Streets" after being separated for a long while.
  • While Rodney and Mr. J are far from being on good terms, the former at least saves the latter's life in the climax of "Andy Had a Little Squirrel" by preventing him from choking to death during the cheese log Eating Contest. Mr. J lets out a reluctant and muttered "Thank you, Rodney" at the end.


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