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Headscratchers / Squirrel Boy

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  • Why isn't Andy ever shown in school?
    • That might be why he's so prone to Ping-Pong Naïveté, and the show probably takes place on school breaks or Everett Peck doesn't want the kid characters to attend school.
  • Are Kyle's parents aware of his son's sociopathic behavior and bullying of Andy and Rodney? Considering how malicious he is, he shouldn't even be allowed to go outside.
    • There's actually an episode where they show that his parents think him and Salty are angels, so no.
  • In "The Big Haggle Hassle", why oh why couldn't Andy just, oh I don't know, put the dollar in his God damn pocket as he went off to the bathroom, instead of trusting Rodney of all people to hold it?
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  • What is that blue stuff in the jar that Andy is holding on the main page's image? Said image seems to be based on "A Line in the Sandwich" since Rodney is holding a sandwich, so it's possibly his grandma's secret sauce, but that stuff was shown to be orange, not blue...
  • Is Rodney aware of how insensitive his actions and behavior are? It's unknown how old he is, but the short "Bedside Matters" gave me the impression that he doesn't torment or bother Mr. J on purpose, as he tried to cure him for better or worse.
  • Why hasn't Mr. J considered putting Rodney up for adoption? With all the crap that he's had to put up with, there's no way that keeping him around is beneficial to his life.
  • What's with Mr. J calling Kyle a Nice Guy in "Islands in the Streets" (and without any usual deadpan tone)? Considering how he's supposed to be the show's Only Sane Man, he should be aware of his son's status as a bullying victim and do something about it.

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