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this show is not gone yet.
A lot of shows that were cancelled back then have came back, so why not?
  • You made a page out of this?
    • Hey, it's a wild guess!

EDIT: Jossed by Word of God.

Squirrel Boy is Squirrel Girl's daughter.
Explanations aren't important.
  • Her daughter?
  • Uh... Squirrel Boy is a show. Mind telling me how a show can be a child?
  • What the OP meant to say what that the main character (Andy IIRC) is the son of Doreen Green. He kept her ability to talk to squirrels.
Puggo is slowly trying to take over the "Squirrel Boy" 'verse.

I have a (unpublished) fan fiction that has this being used as a sub-plot. You see, the episode "I Only Have Eye for You" shows that this guy can hypnotise people, and the end of said episode has the moon being turned into a giant eye.note 


The truth is, his show isn't the hit it is, but instead it's just for him to control everyone. He hypnotised the network hosting his show so he can get on it, then uses it for world domination.

If the show could last longer, then I would have said to just watch: the show might have had this plot twist in a season/series fanale.

The Hatedom doesn't really hate the show.
They're just jealous that they can't talk to squirrels.
  • Anyone can talk to squirrels. It's just that you'd look like a complete tool in front of your peers and the squirrel is more likely to give you rabies by clawing your face than go on wacky adventures with you.
    • And that is why they're jealous. They don't get to go on wacky misadventures with their hilarious talking squirrel friend.


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