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  • Andy and Salty Mike bond over collecting rocks that look like snack foods. Eventually, Mike introduces a new hobby for them to enjoy: snack foods that look like rocks. Andy is not impressed.
  • The episode where Rodney loses Andy's toy rocket in a tree and Mr. Johnson finds out. He says "That's not as bad as I thought" and he takes out a notepad describing what he thought: a drawing of Rodney tying Andy to the rocket and launching it.
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  • In a few parts of the episode Wall of the Wild, Mrs. Johnson attempts to help Andy calm down after they find that Rodney was missing, but only to make matters worse for the worried Andy. The second time after Andy's Nightmare Fuel Imagine Spot scene was a bit of a Tearjerker, as when realizing her method wasn't working, she decided to go make brownies to help cheer Andy up.
  • In the episode More Flower to You, when Mr. J found out that Rodney had accidentally wilted the flowers, his anger is actually hilarious in the episode instead of being Nightmare Fuel, because Andy and Rodney realize Mr. J's anger makes the flowers bloom back to normal and grow to humongous sizes, so the two use his anger through hilarious and cartoonish acts to help grow the flowers to win the flower competition.

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