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  • Disney Channel star Bella Thorne from Shake It Up! is a huge Miley Cyrus fan, as she has stated many times before. Once, when staying at a hotel, Bella posted on her Twitter account she was going to see Miley's 2012 film LOL in her hotel room. This prompted Miley to post this reply, her first to Bella since rejoining Twitter. Bella naturally was excited to hear from her idol.
  • This video of Miley backstage at the 2012 iHeart Radio online festival, meeting Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav, who mistakes the newly pixie-cut, dyed blonde Miley for No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani (No Doubt was performing while Miley introduced Li'l Wayne) counts as both CMOH and Funny Moment. Thankfully, both Miley and Flav took it well.
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  • Demi Lovato frequently mentions that Miley and Selena Gomez were the only friends of hers who contacted her to send support when Demi was in rehabilitation, and Miley very often comes to Demi's defense when she's attacked in the media or Twitter over her weight fluctuations.
  • This Twitter post Miley made about her younger sister Noah, who visited Miley in June 2014 in Europe during her Bangerz tour.
    • As Noah emerged in 2017 as a pop star in her own right with hits like "Stay Together" and "Make Me Cry", seeing Miley supporting Noah in public performances from backstage (often when she and Noah perform separate sets) or shares the stage at concerts counts as a CMOH as well.
  • Miley has confirmed on her Instagram account a posted fan-made observation that the little puppet Miley is dancing with in her "Younger Now" video represents a very young Miley Cyrus, and that 2017-Miley is reassuring her that everything will be okay and she will get through her worries, with the song's lyrics, "No one stays the same/You know what goes up must come down/Change is a thing you can count on/I feel so much younger now".
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  • In spite of her Malibu home perishing in the Woolsey fires, she, her fiancee Liam Hemsworth and all of her pets survived the blaze. Days after, she and Liam donated $500,000 to the Malibu Foundation relief effort to help restore their community.

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