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  • Red Jacket episode 10 "Steal the File M123" (ZenigataCon), Lupin gets a time bomb strapped to his waist while attending a party he was invited to (which was obviously a trap) and asks Jigen and Goemon for help, but the two refuse because Lupin ignored their warnings about the party to please Fujiko and decide to teach Lupin a lesson by leaving him on his own with this problem. However, later, the gunman and samurai have a change of heart and come to his aid when he gets into trouble with Zenigata in Scotland Yard. While racing to the enemy's home, the alarm on the bomb goes off, signaling that the belt's about to explode. Lupin tells his partners to get out of the car, not wanting them to die, but Jigen and Goemon refuse to abandon him, saying they would rather die with him.
  • In the Red Jacket episode "The Two Faces of Lupin" (Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame), Lupin believes he is undergoing a Jekyll-Hyde disorder that makes him an evil murderer. He begs Goemon and Jigen to kill him, but they refuse. Fujiko is the only one who believes in his innocence, and stays with him to verify his transformation. it turns out to be a scam, and Lupin hits back at the perpetrators easily.
    • Furthermore, Fujiko was ready to shoot him if things went bad, and planned to use a second bullet on herself immediately afterwards. Bit of a Tear Jerker as well, but it's further proof of how much she loves the dork.
  • In the Red Jacket episode "Cornered Lupin" (Hell Toupee), the gang's helicopter crashes after having been shot down by an army. When the soldiers charge towards them, Lupin orders Goemon and Fujiko to take an injured Jigen to safety while he holds them off alone. Fujiko, however, returns to assist Lupin fight off the army. The two spend the entire episode trapped in an abandoned castle, fighting off their sadistic foe.
    • Lupin shows concern over whether or not Jigen and Goemon escaped despite his life being the one that's threatened. Though he claims it's just so they can come back and save them, Fujiko doesn't buy it.
    • Fujiko admits to Lupin that when the time comes for her, she would prefer it if Lupin was the one who took her life. She was even willing to die alongside Lupin when he was ready to end his life rather than surrender to the enemy.
    • Jigen and Goemon spent the entire episode forming a plan to rescue Lupin and Fujiko. When they appear (just in time) to save them in their handmade hot-air balloon, they lower a rose down to them, showing their arrival.
  • During the episode "The Flying Zantetsuken" (The Yam Is Mightier Than the Sword), Zenigata shows genuine worry over the health of Goemon after arresting him mid-suicide attempt. He even goes out of his way to get Japanese Food delivered to the prison to try and get the suicidal samurai to eat. It doesn't work since Goemon's trying to starve himself over losing his sword, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The episode "Goemon's Close Call" from the second anime series, especially the end, where Lupin and Jigen manage to rescue Goemon from the hands of two assassins, who have spent the episode torturing him in an attempt to get him to tell them Lupin's weakness. Lupin cradling an injured Goemon with a look of absolute fury on his face in particular just shows how far along these two characters have come since the days they were sworn enemies.
  • A scene from Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days (Lupin III: The Columbus Files in the U.S.). Lupin tries to jog an amnesic Fujiko's memories by trying to jump her, but when he notices the sheer fright on Fujiko's face, he changes his mind and instead hands her his jacket to keep her comfortable.
    • The opening of the movie itself is one, as it shows despite all the tricks and backstabbing, Lupin and Fujiko truly do love each other as much as people like them are capable.
  • The end of the manga story "The Holmes's Violin", where Lupin burns the magical violin he worked so hard to assemble just so that Pinocchio can finally end his existance. Yes, that Pinocchio.
  • In the Blue Jacket episode "Get Pablo's Collection", Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko are trapped in the Brazilian jungle under attack by a Brazilian army, with the only way of escape a submarine that seats only two. Lupin, Jigen and Goemon sneak off by themselves to let the others take the submarine, reasoning that they can make it out on their own respective skills of sneaking, shooting and swordfighting. They find each other and decide to fight their way out... and make it!
  • At the very end of Lupin III vs Cat's Eye, Lupin sneaks into the sisters' secret basement to return their father's paintings, and it's finally revealed what the triptych depicts - Hitomi and Rui on either side of their mother, who is pregnant with Ai. Ai is in the painting after all.