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Headscratchers / Lupin III

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    Fujiko Mine's peaks 
  • Whenever Zenigata happens upon a disguised Fujiko, how come her huge bra size doesn't give her away? Or at least gives him a hint! How many other women are that gifted?
    • Let's be honest, current plastic surgery can allow women to change breast size to whatever they wish. A lot of women can enable their breasts to become Fujiko-sized, so that would not really be a good defining trait to use.

    What does the gang do with their loot? 
  • They must have stolen enough to live in ease for the rest of their lives, do they put all that money somewhere or do they use it? And how would/could they use their loot?
    • The canon has changed on this over time. Some sources say he keeps money in a secret location. We can probably assume this is true since a lot of Lupin's heists would require expensive material to set up and Lupin rarely ever has money trouble for long.