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Group Hug!
  • "Our First Show Again"
    • Everyone waking up/dropping in for breakfast. The old Power Trio of guys are still joking with each other, Rebecca's still commenting on her good looks, DJ's looking out for everyone, Stephanie managed to make the party despite coming from another country, Kimmy states that she was so close to the Tanners she actually spent more time at their home than her own, and overall it just sets a nice warm tone for the show to come.
    • The Tanner/Katsopolis/Fuller clan has done pretty well for itself. Danny and Rebecca are off to work national daytime TV, Joey's living it up in Vegas, Jess is off to do music for national TV, Steph's an international DJ, and even Michelle's off in New York running her fashion empire.
    • When the old family hears about DJ's maternal stresses, they almost immediately come together to promise to help.
      • On that note, Stephanie tells her dad, uncles, and aunt that "You did your part," and now it's her turn to step up and help.
      • And Kimmy also talks about her Friendless Background, and how DJ was there for her during those times. So now she wants to return the favor by being there for Deej now as well.
  • "Mad Max"
    • Stephanie helps Max gain confidence for his school recital by having him on the screen while she is working as a DJ in Coachella. She then has clips of him on while she is playing music.
    • Stephanie decides to give up partying after she realizes how much her nephews mean to her. She then confesses to DJ that she is unable to have children and has known this for a while, though she didn't seem to mind until recently. DJ comforts her by telling that her kids are Stephanie's too and they really appreciate all she has done for them.
  • "Ramona's Not So Epic First Kiss"
    • Max being there for Ramona nearly the whole episode, esp. when Ramona found out that Popko has another girl days after Ramona had her first kiss with him. Max may be a Large Ham, but when it comes to his brothers and her (especially since Ramona's the Cool Big Sis to him and Tommy unofficially), he means business in caring for them. In fact, Max helped out Ramona on what to wear on the date that later got botched.
  • "Fuller Thanksgiving"
    • Joey complimenting Kimmy on how she's grown as a person. It leads to a misunderstanding due to Kimmy being flattered, but based on Kimmy's dynamic with him and Jesse and Danny on the original show (though compared to the latter two, Joey and Kimmy were shown interacting the least), it's a nice way of showing change in the characters.
  • "New Kids in the House"
    • The fact that everyone helped out to make DJ's birthday her best one ever, from Steve giving DJ a replacement Pillow Person (as she lost hers during the parent series) for a gift to Kimmy and Stephanie trying to make DJ meeting the New Kids on the Block a reality, everything the gang did in their own ways to make DJ happy on her birthday is pure, concentrated heartwarming.
  • "DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion"
    • Duane’s cameo by helping Kimmy embrace her "inner whatever." Compared to DJ and how she views Nelson and Viper and her ongoing Will They or Won't They? plotline with Steve, Duane is just being a friend to an old flame.
  • "Happy New Year Baby"
    • When Jesse and Becky introduce their newly adopted baby daughter in the end and they reveal the reason for her name...
    Becky: Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis
    Jesse: Named after my sister, (to Danny) your wife, (to DJ and Stephanie) and your mother.
    • Similar to how Jesse taught Nicky and Alex to refer to Joey as "Uncle Joey", when introducing everyone to Pamela, he introduces Kimmy as her "Aunt Kimmy".
  • "Soul Sisters" (The page's picture comes from this episode.)
    • Even though Ramona did all the fixing herself, Max thanking her twice (first when she offers to fix the head and second once she's almost done fixing it) solidifies the mark that she indeed is Max and Tommy's cool big sis in many ways.
    • Stephanie accepting Kimmy and opening up to her about her fears about her upcoming motherhood. And also the whole "Miss Suzy had a tugboat" thing both of them do (and later with DJ joining in the last minute before the end credits).
  • "Happily Ever After"
  • Throughout the latter half of season three there’s a B-plot of Stephanie trying to have a baby in vitro. First is the entire family (DJ, Kimmy and Fernando, Danny, Jessie and Becky, and Joey) pitching in to help Stephanie afford it. Then Jimmy does everything he can to prove how committed he is to Stephanie and the idea of being her baby daddy. Followed by Kimmy offering to be the surrogate. Leading up to the season finale when Kimmy reveals she’s pregnant when Stephanie was convinced otherwise. As an added bonus, Kimmy tells Danny that since she’s carrying his grandchild, that makes them officially family. Danny’s response?
    Danny: Kimmy… we always were.
    • This leads directly into the fourth season. Kimmy delivers Stephanie and Jimmy's daughter, and Jimmy proposes to which Stephanie accepts.
  • "Say Yes to the Dress"
    • Rocki stays over, and at one point is asked by Ramona to watch Tommy. He asks for a cookie, and she gets him one, on the condition that he gives her a bite first. Then she tickles him.
  • "Oh My Santa"
    • While watching videos of Tommy Fuller, Sr., Kimmy overhears a conversation he was having with his mother, which leads to Kimmy discovering a few presents Tommy Sr. hid in the house with Danny, one of which was a heartfelt message to DJ telling her he wants her to be happy every day.
  • "Driving Mr. Jackson"
    • Similar to the "Fuller Thanksgiving" example above, DJ apologizing to Fernando and giving him her trust after telling him to stay out of her parenting. Compared to the first season, where DJ very strongly despised Fernando, the two have clearly grown to respect each other.
    • There's also Fernando's reason for not telling DJ about Jackson drinking. He wanted Jackson to know he could come to him if he had anything he couldn't talk to his mom about.
  • "Opening Night"
    • Max settling Jimmy's fears about his impending fatherhood. He knows Jimmy loves Stephanie and how well he takes care of Max and Tommy.
  • Welcome Home, Baby-To-Be-Named-Later
    • Stephanie and Jimmy naming their daughter Danielle "Dani" Jo, after Danny and DJ, while naming Kimmy her godmother.
  • "Mom's Night Out"
    • Matt trying to make an effort to connect with Rocki after he and Gia got married. However given that Gia has three ex-husbands, amongst other reasons, she's more than a bit resistant. But she does come around after she realizes Matt is making more of an effort than her past stepdads.
    • DJ and Gia burying the hatchet a bit after Gia assures DJ that she does love Matt and wants to make their marriage work.
  • "A Modest Proposal"
    • After over twenty years, Steve proposes to DJ.
  • "If the Suit Fits"
    • Steve having Tommy Sr's old suit tailored to fit Jackson after he starts going through some difficult feelings thinking DJ was giving the suit away.
    • Joey and Kimmy bonding over their less-than-stellar family lives growing up, ending with Joey offering to walk Kimmy down the aisle for the wedding.
  • "Something Borrowed"
    • While it's unsurprising that DJ and Stephanie would decide to incorporate pieces of their late mother's wedding dress into their own, Kimmy decides to do the same thing to honor her best friends mother.
  • "Our Very Last Show, Again"
    Tommy: We love you, Ramona.
    • The final scene has Stephanie revealing she's pregnant and decides to stay with Kimmy and DJ after all. It all ends with Kimmy calling out to everyone else that they can stay and everyone rejoices as they reunite, earning the show and the franchise one last applause and cheers from the Studio Audience.
    Kimmy: She says we can stay!


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