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  • From Our First Show Again!
    • The held Aside Glance by the actors when Danny mentions how Michelle is busy in New York running her fashion empire.
    • When Jackson's describing the list of things Ramona did to ruin his 6th birthday, he includes that "she stole my wish. The wish was for her to leave."
      • Even better, you briefly see Ramona walking in the background smirking about the whole thing.
    • Rebecca mentioning to DJ to treasure her young boys because before long they turn into her sons.
    Nikki and Alex: (High on helium) Hi mom!
  • Steve's "I'm OK with this" grin when Kimmy kisses Stephanie is great.
  • From Mad Max
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  • Danny and Jesse ended up sleeping in the same bed because of the crowded Thanksgiving (even by their standards) and some interpersonal strife. The next morning Jesse tried playing it up that he had to fend off Danny from playing with his hair and spooning him all night. Danny smiles and says he remembered it differently, where they mutually cuddled.
  • Fernando and Kimmy channeling Ricky and Lucy at the Hallowe'en party.
  • Ramona’s running late for her performance as the Mouse King, so Kimmy decides to cover for her.
    Jackson: The lighting makes Ramona look just like Kimmy.
    DJ: It is Kimmy.
    Sephine: Kimmy’s taken over as the Mouse King, and she just nutcracked the Nutcracker.
    Later Still
    Director: That crazy lady has (Ramona’s Mouse King crown).
    Ramona: That crazy lady’s my mom!
  • Steve trying to propose to CJ involves DJ writing his speech. Thus brings a lot of funny moments:
    • Steve is so nervous that words can't come out of his mouth, so DJ has to give CJ the proposition.
    • Everybody's faces the moment DJ has to get on her knee and recite the proposal.
    • And then Matt finally arrives to the house in the middle of the speech. His reaction is priceless.
      Matt: I was gone only for one week!!
    • CJ tearfully accepts and, after hugging DJ, she goes to hug Steve.
      Steve: I meant every word she said.
      Matt: (relieved) Oh! That makes more sense!!
  • When he gets his first A, DJ asks Jackson where he wants to go for his celebration dinner. Despite her insistence that he can go anywhere at all, he wants Arby's.
  • "But this was a great trip...Except for the shattered relationships and the disastrous wedding."
  • This discussion about DJ's family language rules:
    Jackson: Man, it sucks we can't go to LA.
    DJ: Uh, we don't say "sucks" in this family. That is on the Do Not Say list.
    Jackson: Sorry. It blows.
    Max: That's on the list too, butthead!
    DJ: Max!
    Max: I know it's on the list, but you gotta admit, he is a butthead.
  • When Matt wins a Local Business Owner of the Year award, DJ is annoyed and it's commented that his clinic was only open for three weeks. In what appears to be an ad lib from Jodie Sweetin, Stephanie says "I had a girlfriend longer than that!" which prompts a surprised "What!?" from DJ while Candace, Jodie and Marla (Gia) all crack up just as the scene cuts away.
  • Danny tries to give Matt a bit of advice in lieu of his little feud with DJ after their breakup. But he stops himself midsentence and the scene immediately cuts to the two of them in Jackson and Max’s bedroom. Apparently Danny gives his best advice in the kid’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Matt’s just a bit weirded out by it.
    Matt: Why are we up here? I’m starting to feel like a Dateline special.

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