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  • With the exception of DJ, every adult that was or is living in the house has an artsy career: Danny and Becky are TV hosts, Jesse's a musician, Joey is a TV host turned stage comedian, Stephanie is a dancer turned musician, Michelle is a fashion designer turned businesswoman, and even Kimmy is an events planner and occasional dancer. So why did DJ decide to pursue a science career (vet)?
    • DJ was always the most serious and studious of the children. It's not difficult to think she put academics ahead of performance in college.
    • And she took the reins when Comet and siblings were born, she was the first to notice the stray dog that Joey and Michelle found was pregnant and about to give birth, then controlled the situation like a pro. Not to mention how well she took care of a horse when she had one. And she always showed a good deal of love and empathy towards animals. Being a vet is pretty much in character for her.
      • Plus why not? Just because everyone else in her family was in entertainment and business doesn't mean she has to pursue a career in that. It wasn't what she was into.
  • Why didn't they make Ramona move in with Fernando permanently at the Gibbler house so that Jackson could have his room back? That was never even brought up by anyone, not even Jackson. So Ramona gets two rooms in two houses and Jackson still has to share? That seems really unfair to him.
    • Good point. A possible explanation is that Ramona prefers to live with her mother, and Kimmy was not ready to move in with Fernando again. And the other way around: Kimmy does not want Ramona to leave her yet. She probably would have been really upset when Ramona would have left.
  • So neither the Olsen Twins or Elizabeth Olsen want to play Michelle, ok fine. Why don't they just cast another actress who resembles the Olsens or at the very least looks like she could be an older Michelle? I get a part of the draw of the show, is that the actors are all reprising their roles but it seems kind of a shame to not include Michelle just because none of the Olsens want to play her.
    • They probably want to try and keep the role open as much as possible, in the event that one of the twins should decide to change her mind. Mary-Kate at the very least actually did at one point give a microscopic glimmer of hope towards this, unlike Ashley, who seems to be through with acting completely.
  • Probably overthinking it, but would DJ stay in touch with family on her husband's side after his death? That we only see her family throughout the show, with one mention of a "Grandpa Fuller" early on being the most we hear of Tommy Sr.'s family, raises an eyebrow.
  • How did Stephanie, so broke she couldn't even get her morning coffee and snack, afford a couple of barrels worth of tomato juice later the same day?
    • Some embezzlement from the Harmon Pet Clinic cash register may be involved...
    • Stephanie could have asked for the money from Matt, and considering the skunk attack was an on-the-job accident, I wouldn't call it embezzlement.
    • Stephanie was alone in the clinic at the time. What's a better question is, other than Rule of Funny, why did someone go buy tomato juice? Don't vets have some kind of skunk stuff they use?
    • Stephanie is not a professional so she may have zero clue about the professional-grade skunk smell remover, and have to resort to random methods discovered online. As for the costs, since Stephanie can count as a temporary hire at the pet store when this on-the-job accident happened, it could be covered by the store's insurances.
  • In the Full House episode "Under The Influence" DJ was opposed to drinking because her mother was killed by a drunk driver. Why does she got out and get wasted with Stephanie and Kimmy in this series?
    • They were taking an Uber, so they had a designated driver.
      • Probably because people change a lot in twenty years?
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    • Also, DJ was underage back then, and being raised with wholesome values (in a family sitcom no less) tends to cause you to be opposed to drinking underage.
      • She wasn't so much opposed to drinking as she was to drinking and driving. Kimmy wanted to drive when she was drunk when they were younger so that was her problem. Remember, the Tanner girls lost their mother to a drunk driver.


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