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Tear Jerker / Fuller House

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Poor Max...
  • The title sequence, with new footage being used beside similar images from the original series, hits nostalgia hard.
  • DJ's entire new backstory is this, with her life in chaos after her husband died while fighting a fire. Especially when you realize that DJ was about 6 months pregnant when he died; Tommy is about 9 months old in the pilot, whereas her husband died about a year ago.
  • The scene in the first episode where DJ emotionally breaks down with her son Tommy after digging herself deeper into a pit of denial over the course of the episode that hits an all-time low when DJ forgets Tommy's ear drops. Even more somber is everyone overhearing her on the baby monitor and standing around the table in solemn silence.
  • In "Mad Max", Stephanie breaking down and confessing to DJ that she's infertile and cannot have kids.
  • "Oh My Santa". While at the mall visiting Santa with Tommy and DJ, Max gets hit pretty hard with grief after seeing kids with their dads.
    • Due to Kimmy finding the gifts Tommy Sr. planned on giving his family for Christmas, at least two years after his death, there's an implication that Tommy Sr. died around the holidays.


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