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Tear Jerker / Full House

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Jessie will miss Michelle.
  • The episode where Jesse moves out to live with his new wife Becky, Jesse and Michelle say good-bye. And as Jesse left Michelle's room, the two begin to cry.
  • An amnesiac Michelle finding out her mom died. Afraid she still won't remember her even if she does get her memories back. As we all know, she was only a baby when her mom died.
  • "The Last Dance", where Papouli dies just after he and Michelle formed a special bond. So the scene from the next day where the family has to break it to her is just heartbreaking.
    Danny: Well, Michelle...this morning, after you went to school, we went upstairs to wake Papouli...Michelle, he died in his sleep last night.
    Michelle: What?
    Danny: I'm sorry. It's just he was old and his heart gave out.
    Michelle: NO, HE'S NOT DEAD! (smashes the popsicle stick house she made for him)
    • Even worse: That line is followed shortly by a shot of Stephanie crying into Joey's shoulder.
    • Jesse's speech from near the end.
    Jesse: He used to always take care of me. Now he comes to visit me and I can't even take care of him.
    Michelle: It wasn't your fault. His heart was old.
    Jesse: I know, but it still hurts.
    • "Is it okay to cry?" "You bet."
    • It's especially painful when you remember this is the second time Jesse's been hit by the death of a beloved family member, and that the pain from Pam's loss doesn't just go away after the first season.
  • In the Season 2 episode "Baby Love", toddler Michelle meets and falls in love with Rebecca's visiting nephew Howie, but becomes heartbroken, after he has to leave. Jesse sings her a touching song, which in of itself it enough to evoke tears.
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  • In the drunk driving episode, when D.J. tells Kimmy that she doesn't want her to drink because her mother was killed by a drunk driver and didn't want her best friend to suffer the same fate.
  • The ending of "Goodbye, Mr. Bear", where the family watch a video of Pam Tanner bringing home baby Michelle. They watch with sad faces, as Pam makes Michelle wave her hand, saying "Hi daddy. We love you."
  • "Silence isn't Golden", which has a startlingly realistic case of child abuse. The following exchange after Jesse reports the abuse and the kid in question ends up in a foster home hits particularly hard.
    Stephanie: I never should have told you! This is all your fault!
    Jesse: Hey! It's not my fault and it's not your fault either, we weren't the ones hurting Charles!
    Stephanie: Then why did they have to take him away from his house!?
    Jesse: They had to! He wasn't safe there!
    • Especially harder at the beginning, when Charles made Steph promise not to tell anyone. Steph knows Charles will hate her for breaking his promise.
  • In "The Greatest Birthday on Earth", Jesse, Steph and Michelle are stuck inside the car repair shop (the owner didn't know they were in the restroom). Michelle is sad because they'll miss her big birthday party, and Steph gives her a big hug. But they're able to give her one, which she loved (and she's able to get a ride on the elephant).
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  • In "The Volunteer" from Season 4, D.J. participates in Adopt A Grandparent through the local nursing home. The man she befriends has Alzheimer's, which Danny finds out from an aide. D.J. gets pretty upset when Danny explains that her adopted grandparent's disease will only get worse. The Tear Jerker potential doubles when Danny adds that D.J. can't help the Alzheimer's, but she can help by brightening her friend's days and being there for him.
  • The early episode "The Slumber Party" is a Tear Jerker in that the Honeybee slumber party Stephanie gets invited to is for mothers and daughters. Joey offers to stand in, but just isn't great at the feminine activities, which causes Stephanie to cry.
  • The ending of "Honey I Broke the House" is a major Tear Jerker. Eight-year-old Stephanie is so guilt-ridden over accidentally driving Joey's car into the kitchen that she sincerely thinks Danny won't love her anymore.
  • "Just Say No Way" can be this, because D.J.'s reaction to being falsely accused of drinking is pretty wrenching, especially when you consider she's only in sixth grade at the time.
  • When Danny emerges from the closet in DJ's room (he was installing shelf paper), thus revealing that he's overheard the entire family complaining about his neat freak tendencies and that they're bordering on OCD and legitimately making everyone hate him.
  • The Thanksgiving Episode of the first season. It's bad enough when Stephanie and DJ feel guilty for dropping the pie and messing up cooking the turkey, but when Jesse tries to make Stephanie feel better by showing her pictures of her mother as a child, he ends up hurting badly as he realizes how much he misses his sister. He's almost in tears. Thankfully, Jesse lightens the mood by showing Danny a picture of Pam with pudding and finger paint in her hair.
  • The episode "Shape Up" dealt with DJ desperately trying to lose weight for Kimmy's pool party by not eating. The family finds out and DJ's outburst really is emotional for people dealing weight issues.


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