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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Chapter 1: Bruce goes Papa Wolf over the idea of Dick being hurt and promises the boy that he is family and that no one will get away with hurting him and to never forget that. Dick's response:
    Dick: I won't, Dad.
  • Chapter 2: When Artemis is afraid that Wally's parents hit him, Wally reassures her and lets her know he's moved by her concern. He also gives her a Cooldown Hug with this dialogue.
    Wally: Sorry for the scare.
    Artemis: (Mumbling) I overreacted.
    Wally: No, you acted like a friend. You didn't know about the power problems I've been dealing with and didn't take my word for it automatically.
    Wally: (Sighs) I just realized why you didn't believe me until that rant just now. Delayed epiphany?
    Artemis: (Smirking) Maybe your brain's not as fast as your feet.
    Wally: (Deadpan) And this is why you're still single.
    (Artemis punched him in the shoulder playfully, though Wally still needed to massage the area for a few moments. M'gann flew off, saying that she would get an icepack for him. Seeing the look of concern on Artemis' face, Wally stuck out his tongue and poked Artemis in the nose.)
    Wally: Boop!
    Artemis: (Chuckling) Dork.
    • What makes it even more touching is that Wally reassures Artemis that she had a valid point to be concerned, unlike other shows or stories that paint a person like that in the wrong.
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    • Several chapters later, Wally mentions Artemis puts in great care not to hurt him, showing that she is still concerned and looking out for him. This is in response to Black Canary asking if Artemis is bullying him, and Wally gets defensive on his girlfriend's behalf, reassuring Black Canary that Artemis wasn't the problem.
  • Chapter 3: M'gann tries cheering up Zatanna, when she goes through a comedic Heroic BSoD. She fails, but M'gann tried.
    • Conner jumping in front of a fire conjured up by Zatanna that was aimed at M'gann.
    • When Robin is turned back to his real age, the only two people who don't laugh or stare are Zatanna and Aqualad, who are both relived.
    • Mixed with Tearjerker, Zatanna tearing up when Doctor Fate says that he is willing to help her communicate with her father again. Zatanna speaks through Doctor Fate, questioning and then reassuring Zatanna about the incident. He then brings up training her again.
  • Chapter 19: Zatanna apologizing to Wally for her actions, with Wally taking the first step into forgiving her by inviting her to his next counseling session.
    • Artemis using the mind-link to give Wally an image of a hug when he panics over Aqualad suggesting he and Zatanna work together.
    • Robin apologizing to Wally for his collaboration with Zatanna in her pranks on the Speedster. Wally casually forgives him. Robin is surprised and suggest he get even, but Wally dismisses it and simply wants to move past it when he was ready to.
    • In a strange sense, the Joker allowing Harley to take a vacation considering their toxic relationship in canon. Harley is also greeted eagerly by her hyenas.
  • Chapter 24: Several of these:
    • Lois staying by Clark's side after his fight with Doomsday and professing her love to him. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.
    • The League helping Clark during recovery in their own ways; J'onn poses as him at work, Diana prays for his recovery, Zatarra helps heal his wounds, and Dinah helping him through physical therapy.
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    • Conner making the first successful attempt at connecting with Clark, being the one who comes up with the 'brother' relationship that is established in Season Two.
    • Clark's You Are Better Than You Think You Are moment with Conner, combined with a Cooldown Hug.
    • Dinah offering to become Zatanna's legal guardian until Red Tornado steps in.
    • Diana and Captain Marvel offering their support to Clark when he gives the League a What the Hell, Hero? rant.
    • Martha and Jonathon Kent willing to adopt Conner as a son, as Clark implies.
    • Any moment Clark and Conner are bonding, albeit subtly.
  • Meta Example: One of the reviews for Chapter 1 written was from a mother that follows:
    Alexandria-likethecityinEgypt: Ah, thank you . . . I don't know any parent who loves their child who would not take measure to protect them or help them to protect themselves. I am nowhere near Batman but my daughter takes martial arts and has for years. She's taught how to avoid the fight but if the fight come to her, she is allowed to defend herself. I expect it. AND I would so be in the other parents' faces as well as the school's and, if necessary, would take the matter to court. I cannot accept that Bruce would do no less for his son (or ward). It was apart of the agreement when he was given custody, after all, to protect Dick. So, thank you . . .

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