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Tear Jerker / Bad Idea

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Surprising a good deal in a funny fanfic.

Spoilers Off applies to all Tearjerker pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Chapter 2: Artemis afraid that Wally has a similar background to her own. The way she talks to him under this belief shows how broken she still is.
  • Chapter 3: Zatanna tearing up at the prospect of communicating with her father, Zatarra, through Doctor Fate again. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Chapter 8: 9-year-old Dick being bullied for his heritage, particularly regarding insults against his mother.
    • The look on his face when Dick realizes Bruce listened to the lie that the bullies were telling and wasn't planning on giving Dick the benefit of a doubt. Even the principal, the one who told Bruce the truth, was shocked by this, wondering how he could have believed it so quickly.
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    • The principal chews out the parents for defending their sons so quickly, guilt-tripping one of the mothers (who donates and supports the Foundation for Children In Need) to the point of near-tears.
  • Chapter 9: Dick is hesitant to interact with other students at first due to the events of the previous chapter, thinking that they will just cause trouble for him. Thankfully, he is proven wrong almost instantaneously.
  • Chapter 10: Several segments. Iris feeling depressed about not having children, with Wally saying that she is a second mother to him. Bruce talking to his parents' grave, wishing they could have met Dick.
    Bruce: He is your grandson, after all
    • Dick being somber and quiet, sadly smiling after visiting his parents' grave. Zatanna accompanying Dick to the cemetery with Alfred, talking about their late mothers off-screen. Mixed with Heartwarming Moments, similar to the scene with Iris and Wally above, as Dick is slowly healing and finding mother figures in Black Canary, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and several women that Bruce dated in the past, proving that not all the girls Bruce dates are selfish assholes.
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  • Chapter 13: Jade attempting to patch things up with Artemis, struggling at first with Artemis snarking at her for "Every Girl For Herself." Fortunately, it gets better.
  • Chapter 14: Wally being shaken by Zatanna's pranks on him in the past, seeking counseling with Black Canary. Its also implied that he is still haunted by the events of "Failsafe."
  • Chapter 15: Dick is harassed by bullies and is forbidden from retaliating. Bruce grounding him on false charges so he could handle the bullies by himself, with Dick quietly asking Alfred what he did wrong after the argument. Alfred and especially Dick getting pissed off at Bruce for his actions, which lead to some of the bullies figuring out their secret IDs, with Dick storming out of the room calling Bruce a "stupid hypocrite."
    • Bruce attempts to reconcile with Dick, but Dick won't have it.
  • Chapter 19: Wally being adamant against partnering up with Zatanna to the point of shouting in the mind-link in terror.
    • M'gann being terrified of Aqualad's concussion and struggling to keep him from slipping into unconsciousness, even noted by one reviewer:
    Black' Victor Cachat: All those fics that dismiss head trauma as being serious...
  • Chapter 24: Lois' Anguished Declaration of Love when she thinks Clark is going to die after his fight with Doomsday.
    • Clark's trauma over his fight with Doomsday remained with him when Conner came into the picture, since the blood was taken from the fight itself.
    • The League giving No Sympathy towards Clark's trauma until he calls them all out on it and mentions that the majority of the League acted no better than he did.
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    • It appears that Wally's mention of the aftermath of We Love Our Two Dads regarding the Team being punished wasn't the only consequence. The prank has damaged Lois' relationship with Clark to the point where he isn't comfortable talking to her, their friendship nearly destroyed from her part in it.

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