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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Chapter 1: Dick NOT taking a beating in the first chapter and beating up his would-be bullies. He also shuts down Bruce's flimsy excuse about his identity being put at risk by pointing out Dick has to deal with more danger in his daily life than Bruce does and needs to defend himself. Also acts as an Establishing Story Moment, letting readers know that what to expect in each story.
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  • Chapter 3: Doctor Fate instantly turns Robin back to his regular age.
  • Chapter 6: As crazy and misguided their intentions were, the Rouges were able to evade the police and bring Wally to the amusement park like they wanted to in the first place.
  • Chapter 7: The gambits Ra's and Jason pull on each other. To start; Ra's brings Jason back from the dead, but Jason doesn't want vengeance against his friends. Jason leaves, but Ra's had a bomb planted in him in case this happens. Jason, being the detective he was trained to be, knows about the bomb and turns it against Ra's, getting the bomb implanted in the old man without him knowing until he pulls the trigger.
    • Instead of simply standing around and listening to Batman's flimsy excuses about why he can't kill the Joker like he did in Under The Red Hood, Jason just kills the psycho clown during Batman's explanation. Bonus points for him just ignoring the reasons and pointing out the flaws.
  • Chapter 8: The principal averting the Dean Bitterman trope that occurs in YJ fanfics and does a Sherlock Scan of the situation. He sees through the lies that the JerkJocks tell him and gets Dick's side of the story before acting. He calls out their bluff in the end and shuts up the parents with a wordless shout before expelling the bullies.

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