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Mahou Shounen Fight! is a webcomic that parodies and pays homage to the Magical Girl genre, written by DustyJack and JadePrince.

Mike Smith is pretty much done with trying new and exciting things. Being raised by the grown up equivalent of a Granola Girl he hopes to avoid the weirdness trend set by his mom by going to a new prestigious private school, the St. Didacus Academy for Upstanding International Achievers, that will look great on his college applications. The first day seems completely fine, except the second day he wakes up and sees the living embodiment of Summer has taken host in his head. Things only get weirder from there.

He finds in his school the other three season spirits inhabiting three other boys, Yuki with Winter, Raji with Autumn and Oliver with Spring. All of them are a part of the Environmental Awareness club with Joe Lachlan, a combination Team Mom and Drill Sergeant Nasty elementary school gym teacher and only other person who can see the spirits as their adviser.


Since April 2016, the series has been on hiatus and promises an irregular publishing schedule, only putting out chapters as they're finished.

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