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Who says an action figure line of LEGO doesn't have any Heartwarming Moments?

Spoilers ahead.

  • Macku and Hewkii on the lily pad.
    • The ending of the Bohrok animations, after Macku, with a flower decoration on her mask and necklace, drags Hewkii for swimming lessons, Hahli then comes over to Jaller and Takua with the same flower decoration and necklace, puts her flower onto Jaller's mask and leaves. Jaller then decided to stay at Ga-Koro longer to spend time with her.
  • After Tahu is cured of the Rahkshi's poison, he and Gali have this exchange -
    Gali: Brother... are you well?
    Tahu: No. No, I am not well. But... I am alive, and in your debt, my sister.
    *Toa fist-bump*
    • Keep in mind that they've spent the rest of the movie and half of the events before it bickering with one another.
  • Turaga Lhikan's Heroic Sacrifice, and his last words to Vakama in Legends of Metru Nui. It's especially powerful when one remembers that Vakama had spent most of the movie doubting his ability to be a leader, questioning his visions, and blaming himself for Lhikan's capture.
    Vakama: That was meant for me.
    Turaga Lhikan: No. This is my lifetime's journey. Yours lies beyond. Trust your visions. I am proud to have called you "brother"...Toa Vakama.
  • The scene at the end of Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui where Vakama gives Turaga Lhikan's mask to Jaller, whose Matoran mask is broken, and then it molds to fit his face, is incredibly Heartwarming.
    • This makes Jaller's Heroic Sacrifice in The Movie when Takua is under attack by Rahkshi Turahk even more heartwarming, because it means that some of Lhikan's spirit lives on in him, and so means that the already heartwarming moment when the Takanuva-Makuta hybrid being resurrects him from just the mask is just that much sweeter.
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    • That scene at the end is heartwarming and for another reason. It chronologically takes place after the events of Web of Shadows where the Toa lost their powers and began to doubt themselves. They spend the rest of the movie trying to recover their powers, aside from Vakama who takes his failures and the loss of his powers especially hard. They manage to save the Matoran and bring them to the island of Mata Nui, vowing to forever protect them. But they realize that they must now give up their powers which they worked so hard to recover. And Vakama, the one who was most distraught over the loss of his powers immediately gives them up to reawaken the Matoran and the rest of the Toa follow with no hesitation, showing their commitment to the Matoran.
  • When Onewa uses his mask of Mind Control on Krekka, instructing him to "get Nidhiki", he leaps onto his fellow Dark Hunter and... gives him a big hug, contentedly sighing "Nidhiki..." like a child who's just found their favourite teddy. Only slightly undercut seconds later when Makuta grabs and absorbs both of them.
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  • In "Web of Shadows", when Matau tried to reason with Vakama, how does he eventually snap him out of his Brainwashed and Crazy state? By jumping off a cliff knowing his brother would save him!
    Vakama: (Stomping on Matau's hand.) You are weak, brother.
    Matau: You're right, Vakama. I am weak...
    Vakama: So... at the end do you see the truth.
    Matau: We all make mistakes, Vakama. That's what happens when you're brave enough to make decisions. I understand that now...
    Vakama: (angrily igniting his Blazer Claw) I don't believe that coming from you!
    Matau: Wait!
    Vakama: (preparing to strike Matau down): Not for long...
    Matau: I'm sorry. For doubting you. Our strength comes from our unity, Vakama. Which means... you can't be strong without us.
    Vakama: (interjects) I'm better, stronger alone!
    Matau: I don't believe that! And I don't think you do, either. You're our leader, Vakama. You're my leader. We've got a job to do! ...And if there is any of the Vakama I know left, he'll know what to do...
  • The ending of Bionicle 3. Norik tells Vakama that the Matoran are now his responsibility. Instead of reacting with crippling self doubt as he would have in Bionicle 2, he simply reacts with a "well how 'bout that?" smile to himself, neatly accenting the Character Development he's been through.
  • This moment from Time Trap:
    Nokama: You sound so confident
    Vakama: Why wouldn't I? I'm with you.
  • Matoro willingly gives his life to revive Mata Nui, and with his last bit of individual thought before transforming into pure life energy, teleports his endangered teammates back to Metru Nui and grants them the ability to breathe air again. This selfless act later causes the Ignika to commit a Heroic Sacrifice of its own because the mask was so moved by what Matoro did.
  • Kiina after Mata Nui rebuilds Spherus Magna:
    Kiina: He said he would bring me to a new world. Instead, he brought the new world to me.
  • What's one of the first things the newly revived, and thoroughly confused Mata Nui do when he realizes he's on a new planet? He makes friends with one of the local beetle populations.
  • The ending of the Mata-Nui online game is one with the music being something that truly warms the heart.
  • At the end of "Mask of Light" when Takutanuva brings Jaller back to life and Hahli hugging him. At the same time Takutanuva gave most of its lifeforce and gets crushed and it turns into a Tear Jerker by Jaller's face. It turns sweet again as they also bring Takanuva back to life.
    Takutanuva: (to Hahli) Hold little one, that mask needs life. (she gives him Jaller's mask and brings him back to life)
    Jaller: (wakes up)
    Hahli: Jaller...(hugs him and the two escape)
    • After they bring Takanuva back to life.
  • While fighting Mavrah's Rahi, Whenua sees Onewa drowning. Despite being a poor swimmer himself, Whenua immediately dives into the water to help his brother.
  • Krika offering Gali a Tablet of Transit and telling her to just get out of Karda Nui. While part of this can be seen as Pragmatic Villainy (he's trying to make sure Mata Nui is never awakened), it's heavily indicated that it's at least partially because he truly does respect Gali and wants to have at least one good thing on his record when he goes to his final accounting.

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