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This classic Magical Girlfriend series doesn't need a flurry of panty shots to keep its fans happy but instead goes for a steady stream of cozyness and Sweet Dreams Fuel. Also: Motorcycles.

  • Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship is a constant low-level source of this in general.
  • In Chapter 42 (TV series episode 25) – Urd, who thanks to Yggdrasil breaking down, had been de-aged into looking like an ~8-year-old girl, met and became friends with a human boy named Shohei. At the end of the story, she has just been restored to her adult form when he comes to the temple looking for her. She then proceeds to go greet him, pretending to be Urd's older sister and claiming that Urd has moved away forever. She tells the boy this: "She gave me a message for you before she left. "I had fun. Thank you, Shohei. And this." She then gave him a kiss on the cheek. It's the first time in the entire series that Urd is actually kind to someone and speaks from the heart. It's bittersweet, as the boy lost his first girlfriend while Urd undergoes Character Development.
    • The best part? Urd doesn't revert back to being a selfish jerkass and indeed is thinking about how to repay Keiichi for all his kindness to her the very next chapter. And that's telling, considering that for much of the early manga, she was seriously scary.
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  • During the "Queen Sayoko" arc, Mara manages to get Belldandy in a position in which she has to obey any order Sayoko gives her. She then forces Sayoko to order Bell to "Go home". Keiichi can't do anything to stop this in time and, as Bell poofs out of existence, he believes he has lost his Goddess for good. As he returns home from his Pyrrhic Victory utterly despondent, he finds Belldandy in the kitchen cooking – instead of returning to heaven, she simply went back to Tariki-Hongan Temple… because "home" to her is where her heart is, which is wherever Keiichi lives. Maybe it's a bit predictable, but it's still sooooo sweet.
  • When Keiichi wants to give Belldandy something back to show his appreciation, he spends a few weeks working to the pain to earn enough money so he can buy her a golden ring. When he finally succeeds, Belldandy is overjoyed but even more concerned about Keiichi overextending himself. The ring never leaves Belldandy's finger afterwards.
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  • Skuld is a Bratty Half-Pint all too often, but whenever she interacts with her angel or Banpei she becomes pure concentrated Moe. Her interactions with Sentaro are just as much so, which everyone except Belldandy pokes fun at her for.
  • The Nilfheim arc contains too many of these moments to count. Even the fact that it's all happening in HELL doesn't do anything to reduce the adorableness of Belldandy and Keiichi growing ever closer together, one harrowing trial at a time.
    • "I sometimes wonder, what did I ever do to be such a lucky man?"
  • Hild and Urd love to zap each other with lightning, but you need to be blind not to notice they care for each other very much. In fact, Urd secretly finds her mother so cool she is afraid she would fall to full demon hood in a flash if she didn't keep her distance.
  • Otaki gets the heartwarming treatment with his Dogged Nice Guy courtship chapter/episode, which overlaps with Moment of Awesome as he indirectly pwns Aoshima.
  • In both the manga and an episode of Flights Of Fancy, Urd makes a bet with Skuld to teach her to rely on her own strength, rather than technology – If Skuld can learn to ride a bicycle with no gizmos attached, Urd agrees to ride around Nekomi on a unicycle shouting "I give up!". Skuld does learn how thanks to local BMX boy Sentaro (who goes on to develop a friendship with Skuld that soon shows hints of being deeper). The anime has an extra scene that ups the heartwarming factor – when Urd realizes what's going on, she asks Belldandy, "Do we have a spare unicycle sitting around?"
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  • The real reason behind Hagall's rebellion. It was all to create Hild's perfect demon world before she died. That whole super-cool attitude of Hagall's was just an act and she really is a devoted Hild fangirl who would do anything to make her idol proud.
  • The "Schroedinger's Whales" ending. Doubles as a Tear Jerker of the good kind.
    Keiichi: Perhaps someday he'll meet some more friends… and maybe, in some unknown universe, they'll sing that song together.
  • Banpei's relationship with Sigel from even before she was given sentience by Skuld. Sigel is playing it very hard-to-get. Mind you, we're talking about two robots.
  • An early manga chapter showed a stray puppy taking up residence in the Tarikihongan Temple. Belldandy wants to keep it but Keiichi is adamantly opposed and refuses to even look at the dog. Bell is confused because hating dogs does not jibe with the Keiichi she knows. It turns out Keiichi loves dogs, but he was emotionally devastated as a kid when his dog (who looked very similar to this one) was hit by a car and killed. He doesn't want to ever feel that pain again, so he forces himself to be cold to the little puppy. Bell helps him work through his grief and finally open himself up to a new dog. However, just as they're getting used to the pup, its real owner comes to claim it.
  • The ending to the "Seed of Love" story in which all of the goddesses (minus Belldandy) and Megumi magically fall in love with Keiichi. Upon learning that eye contact triggers the reaction, Keiichi desperately tries to avoid looking at Belldandy to prevent her being mind-controlled too until he does so by accident… and nothing happens. The reason? Magically-induced love can't touch the real thing. D'awww.
  • Urd finally reuniting with her angel, World of Elegance, after unthinkingly blurting out that she never wanted to see her again once she saw that the angel reflected her half-demon, half-goddess heritage. Once they're together again, Urd tells World of Elegance that she never wants to be apart from her again. To make this moment even sweeter, Urd's acceptance of World of Elegance means that she finally accepts her identity as a half-demon, half-goddess.
  • During the Lord of Terror arc in the manga, Skuld eavesdrops on the conversation where Belldandy tells Keiichi that Urd is half-demon, half-goddess and is, therefore "only" Belldandy and Skuld's half-sister. Belldandy is worried when she realizes that Skuld overheard the conversation, as Skuld didn't know about Urd's heritage. Skuld quickly says that Urd has always been and will always be her sister and that she doesn't care about the specifics. Considering that Urd and Skuld are constantly bickering and fighting, it's really sweet to hear that Skuld will always fully accept Urd as her big sister.


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