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  • My god, did anybody in this school ever set foot in a high school!? Were they raised by wolves?! Were they smoking marijuana mixed with crack cocaine and crystal meth when writing and filming this show!? it just bugs me that this show is so freaking not like high school.
    • Apparently you never went to a high school in Los Angeles in the 1970s... Truth in Television more than a non-Los Angeleno would suspect, I guess.
      • To bad this was the late 80's-early 90's
      • Los Angeles high schools in the 70's only had one hallway, everyone live in the schools, friends with the Principal, over the top Type 1 Hollywood Nerds?
  • It's been noted by more than one person that, were this not a comedy, Zack would be on trial for multiple counts of fraud, trespassing, breaking and entering, destruction of public property, and quite possibly felony burglary. There'd also be mention made of kidnapping, forgery and extortion. And let's be honest, for as charismatic as he is, Zack has had his fair share of detentions (the ones he shows up for, anyway), and cut more than a few classes. It wouldn't look good for him.
    • Zack could do all that and get put away for jaywalking.
    • Hell, Zack is a textbook example of a sociopath.
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    • How do you plan on incarcerating a man who can CONTROL TIME?
  • This no doubt reveals me to be a horrible, racist person, but I find that the idea of a black, female, sixteen(ish) year-old high school student obsessing over acquiring Bruce Springsteen tickets to be funny in an almost Dadist way.
    • I think it is more of an environmental thing rather than a racial one. Keep in mind that the majority of her friends are white and that her closest friends since elementary school were Zack and Jessie. Regardless of racial stereotypes, it makes sense that they would have many interests in common. (On a more technical note, it may also have been an artifact from when Lisa's character was envisioned as being white and Jewish, but I doubt that this is the case).
    • Also keep in mind that the original part for Lisa wrote her as Jewish. A number of the same mannerisms and storylines were kept
  • As a geeky kid that always got picked on, this show always cheesed me off for how abrasive it was towards kids that weren't the cute, perfect popular kids. Especially the way it treated the "nerds" as some kind of sub-human race that was perfectly okay to abuse and manipulate. Seriously, I saw an episode where Zack was basically (while naturally being grossed out) sexing up as many nerdy girls as possible to get his song voted up the charts, and the other kids response wasn't anger at him being manipulative, but anger that he was fraternizing with the nerds. Hell, Screech is like the kids Morality Pet to somehow make it okay.
    • I was always a geeky kid who got picked on as well, but I somehow knew not to think too hard about anything on this show when I watched it as a kid. However, now that I'm a geeky adult, I just want to hit the people responsible for this, because really, just because a person is socially-awkward and smart doesn't mean they're not a person.
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    • I don't think the geeky kids got pushed around or bullied that much, they were just pigeonholed by the popular kids into being a subservient class. I thought what was funny was that nerds were so identifiable by their dress and use of glasses.
    • Well there was one episode where Zack was "bought" by an overweight girl in one of those dating auction things. He spent a lot of time making excuses for why their date had to be pushed back, until she caught him in one of his lies and he gets chewed out for being such a dick. IIRC the episode ends with them dancing together.
  • I've only seen scenes from the show, but what is with Screech's and Zack's report on Zack's "American Indian" heritage? It is so racist I can't believe that it was allowed to air.
    • The teacher in that class basically said the same thing right after the report was over, and assigned Zack to redo the project. The episode ends with Zack doing a much more somber report and becoming genuinely proud of his Native American (specifically Nez Perce tribe) heritage.
  • Why is it that Screech was considered to be a kid genius during the first few seasons (enough to have the other kids actually respect him for his intelligence), yet in later seasons he becomes a moronic punching bag for the rest of the gang? In fact, why did Screech even hang out with people who looked/acted nothing like him, verbally abused him, and could barely tolerate his existence? And what happened to Kevin the Robot?
    • He was a nerd who's friends were among the most popular kids in school. I'd say that's a pretty good deal for him and he got the protection of Slater and Zach against bigger bullies
    • He became sapient and attempted to murder Screech. The rest of the gang don't like to talk about it very much.
      • When it comes to Kevin the Robot, the first season of the show seemed to involve occasional sci-fi episodes (like the one where Screech gets hit by lightning and can see the future, the one where his dental filling can pick up radio waves, etc.). After the first season, the showrunners apparently decided to discard these elements. By the time the show evolved into The College Years, it was hard to imagine that this franchise had started out with elements like talking robots.
    • Just a big case of Flander Ization. All the characters experienced it to some extent, but Screech got hit by the Flanders ray the worst. He went from a nerdy but still somewhat-normal teenager in the early years of the show (especially the "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" incarnation) but as the show became more popular and tried to appeal more and more to the trendy, pop-culture obsessed teenage crowd, Screech became a bigger nerd cliche.
  • When I had to get glasses as a kid, I refused to wear them in school for so long because this show treated wearing glasses as something that will immediately stop all schoolkids from interacting with you except to beat you up. When I finally did wear them in school, I got about one 'hey, you've got glasses' comment and then it was mostly fine. I'd have started wearing much earlier if it weren't for this show traumatizing me.
    • Except Jessie had Purely Aesthetic Glasses. And she probably wore them for about a third of her overall screentime.
      • Except no she didn't. There was one episode were she was actually worried about the possibility of having to wear glasses. But was able to avoid it.
  • Why the hell does anyone in the cast like Kelly, I mean it's obvious she just likes Zack because of his looks and that as soon as something better comes along she'll dump him quicker than rancid bread, in fact she has already done this at least twice. First she is in a good relationship with Zack and leaves him over her boss, then in college years Zack already was starting a relationship with a nice girl and she came in wanting him back, after she gets back with her and start yet another good relationship she dumps she cheats on him (not sexually though) with her teacher, both times the reasons were pretty much they're older and prettier and every time Zack has to "try" to make her get back with him after the incident. If the show would had kept going after they got married in Vegas I would bet money that she would divorce him over the mailman or something.
    • I was also puzzled by the episode I just saw where Kelly seems to lead both Zach and Slater on in a dance contest when Casey Kasum appears. They both compete over her and rather than choose one, she decides to go along with their idea to both dance for her and choose the better dancer
    • Because they're teenagers and teenagers are stupid. Also viewers.
    • Yeah because Zack was such a great and decent guy and these kids were all great upstanding people
  • "Model Students", how exactly did Screech get those pictures? Are we supposed to buy that all eleven girls on the swim team posed sexily conveniently enough for him to snap them from a distance? And the wide Colgate smiles they all have, yeah that's likely. And for the twelfth picture, they didn't think of asking another girl to pose for them as opposed to sticking Belding's head on Jessie's body?
  • Why was this show so popular with parents? I can't imagine ANY self-respecting parent wanting her kid to emulate its six main characters (especially Zack). And yet, during the 90's, parent groups and conservative Christian groups all raved about it. This made no sense to me even as a kid.
    • All flaws aside, Saved by the Bell had no dirty jokes, almost no violence of any kind (I can only recall one episode where a main character got in an on-camera fistfight), and its morals were very kid-friendly. Every episode was an aesop about how Cheating is Bad, Stealing is Bad, Bullying is Bad, Pollution is Bad, Drugs are Bad, etc. People forget that as much of an asshole as Zack could be, he usually got his comeuppance and learned a lesson by the end of the episode. Or he just went on a zany yet harmless scheme. The show wasn't perfect, but I could think of a lot of shows from that time that were arguably worse influences on a child.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that everyone (including the viewers) judged Jessie very harshly in the "Palm Beach" episodes, where her father remarries a much younger woman (whom Zack was even flirting with earlier)? I'm not saying that it was okay for her to treat her dad's fiancee in such a cruel manner, but honestly how would you feel if one of your parents married someone very close to you in age? Plus, isn't it a bit odd that her father didn't even introduce her to his fiancee until the day before the wedding?
    • Big difference between understandable and justified. Jessie acting out over Leslie's age is understandable but incredibly superficial. She's a teenager so who is she to decide who's appropriate for her father to marry? The scene where Jessie says "I don't like Leslie" and can't come up with any reason why is very telling; Leslie was nothing but nice to her, and Jessie pretty much accuses her of only marrying her father for his money. Honestly Leslie was very forgiving of her when she apologised, so it seems they did see it as just acting out. It is very weird that Jessie wouldn't have met Leslie before the wedding but maybe her dad is often away for work and they just hadn't had the time to meet beforehand.


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