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  • The dumb football player Ox is always good for a Funny Background Event, especially the time he ate a handful of french fries and squirted ketchup into his mouth rather than just dipping the fries.
  • In the Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind episode...
    • "President...Pee Wee Herman...*Pee Wee Herman laugh*"
    • The reporter/Air Force spy guy.
    • The whole bit with Screech staying at Zack's house and saying his night time prayers. Also a bit of Heartwarming.
    • The entire running gag with the radio signals in Screech's new fillings. Especially the radio ad for some weird Deep South-themed restaurant.
      AD: "...For country eatin' there's no beatin' Billy-Joe-Bob's House O' Possum!"
  • In "The Video Yearbook," Zack chews Screech out for putting Kelly in the dating video service along with every other girl at Bayside - thus leading her to get lots of calls from other guys.
    Zack: You are the stupidest person ever to walk the Earth!
    Screech: Well, you hired me; what does that make you?
    • Slater and Lisa's respective tapes. While the former freezes up once the camera starts rolling, the latter has Screech calling her out on how shallow it is:note 
    Screech: Looks like he was born camera shy.
    Zack: What's your name?
    Slater: My name? My name is A.C. Slater.
    Zack: ...I bet it feels good to be the captain of the football team.
    Slater: Oh, I bet it does.
    Zack: Is there a message you'd like to leave the graduating class?
    Slater: Goodbye.
    • Upon the class discovering Zack's dating tapes, they see Jessie's tape with Screech's interrupting voiceover:
    Screech: She's very excited about going on a date with you and she's just a phone call away. *As the screen flashes "Jessie "Legs" Spano" and her phone number as we view her very horrified reaction in the reflection* They call her "legs" and you can too!
    • Later on, when they are thinking up ways to stop the guys from calling:
    Screech: Why don't we just go into their houses, dressed up as phone repairmen, and take all their phones at once?
    Zack: Why don't you make a hungry shark happy?
    • When an angry Slater comes into the locker room, he tells Zack what he's going to do to whoever gave out Jessie's phone number as Screech somehow magically mimes having everything he describes done to him:
    Slater: I'm just gonna slam him against the wall, then I'm gonna slap him silly. And then you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna take a pair of pliers and I'm gonna tear out all of his little nose hairs...
  • In "Model Students", when the girls discover that they were used in a calendar without their permission.
    Jessie: You didn't have the right!
    Kelly: You didn't ask permission!
    The other two glare at her.
    • There are only eleven girls on the swim team so they had to put Belding's face on another body...
      Jessie: That is my body!
      • Her anger at Slater over the calendar:
    Jessie: You want me in a bathing suit, you got me!
    Slater: Now, wait a min—*hits in the head with a calendar*
    • Even better, this exchange:
    Jessie: We're just going to have to take this up with Mr. Belding.
    Slater: Don't you mean Miss December?
    *She takes a menacing step forward, to which he cowers back and covers his head in response*
    • The first scene mentioned is immediately followed by a professional photographer asking to do a spread with the girls - after seeing the calendars. He asks Zack where he can find them and Zack says he'll have to get permission first. The girls immediately smile sweetly and say "sell those calendars, Zacky."
  • Jessie's Not So Above It All moments:
    Screech is being sent to spy on Valley's cheerleading squad
    Jessie: No, why would we stoop so low?
    Lisa: To win.
    Jessie: Take notes.
  • Kelly has a wonderful Not So Above It All moment too. Zack gets her a friendship ring and whenever cute guys say hi to her, he holds up Kelly's hand and angrily says "see the ring!". Kelly gets annoyed with Zack for doing this so many times. Then a cute girl says "Hi, Zacky" and Kelly angrily says "see the ring!"
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  • In "Pipe Dreams" when they strike oil by digging on the football field.
    Jessie: This is what happens when Man interferes with the natural environment.
    Slater: It was a chick digging the hole, okay.
  • Zack has been trying to get ahold of Kelly on the phone all day in "The Prom":
    Zack: Every time I call, her parents say she's washing her hair. Who washes their hair eleven times a day?
    Slater: (beat) You do.
    • Also, with Jessie and Slater arguing over what music to play at the event:
    Jessie: He wants Lambada.
    Slater: She wants protest music.
  • Zack using his "time out" to cheat at the glee club competition. During the time out he has Screech play a tape of another glee club singing, but the tape messes up and the glee club ends up having to lip synch to very fast and very slow versions of "When the Saints Go Marching In." They then cover up by saying it was their impression of a Glee Club tuning up. What makes it funnier is that they still end up getting third place.
    • It's the Narm factor. The scene itself is supposed to be a very serious, dramatic moment of a mental breakdown due to drug abuse....but it's hard to take seriously since the drug in question is caffeine pills and her acting is a bit over-the-top.
  • During the "Miss Bayside" episode, when Kelly, Lisa and Jessie are all angry at each other for entering the contest, Kelly and Jessie have this exchange:
    Jessie: Can you please hand me my towel, please?
    Kelly: Sure! *Throws it at her face*
    Jessie: What does that mean?
    Kelly: It means you're a hypocrite! Talking me out the pageant and then you entering it yourself!
    Jessie: Excuse me, but I entered the pageant because the politics behind it have changed. But I wouldn't expect you to grasp that; your idea of politics is limited to "Who won the election on Sesame Street?"
    • Aside from Tiffani (Kelly's) own Corpsing at her comment, this also counts as a Moment of Awesome for Elizabeth/Jessie.
    • Also, in the same episode, Zack decides to throw things into a frenzy by entering Screech as a contestant.
    Mr. Belding: You can't enter a man in the beauty contest!
    Zack: Well, I'm not entering a man. I'm entering Screech.
  • In "Blind Dates", Mr. Belding is forcing Zack to date his niece to get out of a bad grade. Belding tells Zack to meet her at the Max wearing a certain carnation.
    Zack: Why can't I pick her up at your place?
    (Zack gives a nod as if thinking "yeah, that's fair.")
    • During an Imagine Spot Jessie has over how bad the date that Lisa sets her up with, she pictures Zack as the host of "The Dating Game". He not only is able to instantly silence the audience cheers just by waving his hands, but her choices include Teddy Krueger (introduced as "a night person who loves to laugh"), Mason Voorhees (introduced as "a real cut-up whose relationships with girls are always short") and Donald Chump (introduced as "the richest kid in the world").note  Plus, when "Desperate Jessie" is brought out, you can see an arm shoving her onto the stage.
    • Zack trying to teach Screech to be hip...which culminates in him falling down the stairs to the sound of a "sproing!" noise when he lands.
    • Screech as Zack at Kelly's birthday party. He even decides to wear a blond wig and first asks Lisa's opinion of it:
    Screech: It's a wig. *smoothing his hair* Do you like it?
    Lisa: Does the word "barf" mean anything to you?
    • After being pulled aside by Zack, who questioned him about the hair, he said he did it to give him "that extra bit of Zackosity".
    Zack: Look, I'm gonna kick your Zackosity if you don't get out of here.
    • When Penny Belding begins to brag about "Zack" to Kelly as a pleased Screech eavesdrops in the background. She then says that the two of them will be going back to her Uncle's house since he won't be home for a while, "if you know what I mean":note 
    Kelly: Yes, I know what you mean, you, you...*shouting* un-nice girl!
  • At the end of the SAT episode, Zack and The Max waiter James conspire to get the former out of his advanced placement classes, so the latter dressed as a man from the testing corporation, Stanley Alan Taylor (complete with a fake beard, which of course Belding doesn't recognize him in) and fool him into believing Zack will eventually experience burnout from the classes. After Zack is called into the office and while Belding tries to convince him to drop the courses, James' beard falls off and he frantically places it back on while his actor tries to keep from laughing. The audience, who already were enjoying the scene, go wild after it does, and even Mark-Paul himself can't help but crack a smile of two.
    • James' goofy "Stanley Alan Taylor" is silly, period! He plays him as an Large Ham who speaks in an over-the-top Mid-Atlantic accent of Shakespearean proportions and who really emphasizes the "H" sound in "Harvard" (....''HHHhhhhhAAAAHHHvvvVVAAAAHHHD!''....) in a manner that brings about a You Need a Breath Mint moment to the person being yelled at.
    • The fact that he kept getting the school's name wrong.
    James: ...and here at Bay-Dock-View-Side...!
  • The gang discover Kelly's boyfriend with another girl in "The Attic" and decide to track him down for further proof. Kelly meets with Screech who admits what's going on, Kelly thrown.
    Kelly: How could he do this?
    Screech: (sobbing) I don't know, Kelly! Men are such fools! I hope I never become one!
    • Mr. Belding showing the photography class his vacation slides of a trip to Sea World with his wife.
    Kelly: Why is she eating raw fish?
    Mr. Belding: *annoyed* That is not Mrs. B; that's Shamu. The whale.
  • The "All In the Mall" episode is one big CMOF. These particular scenes stand out:
    Screech: That way, when the bad guys come by, they won't recognize me.
    Slater: The only place you wouldn't be recognized is in a nuthouse.
    Lisa: Don't be so sure.
    • All of the gang decide to spend the night in a sporting goods store in order to get tickets to a U2 concert and end up in a large tent. This is what happens when the mall shuts down for the night:
    Slater: Can you please move? Your foot is on my hand.
    Zack: Hey! Your hand is on my foot.
    Lisa: It's dark in here!
    Screech: That's alright, my darling; I have X-ray vision.
    *Lisa punches Screech and he cries out a loud "Ow!"*
    Lisa: And get rid of that stupid costume!
  • In the episode where Kelly brought his baby brother. Zack hides him while in French class, where the baby starts to cry, and has to pretend he's trying to speak French. The teacher has the whole class repeat him. Then he just heard Kelly injured himself during cheer practice.
    Zack: Kelly did what?!
    Class: "Kelly did what?!"
    • "Screech you got a dummy, you dummy!"
  • "Save The Max" deserves a mention. Some of the best moments include:
    • Screech's complete cluelessness about The Beatles (after seeing a poster of them on the radio station studio wall).
    • Kelly's radio show, called Kelly Desire, which was supposed to be a romantic show with like-themed music. What type music does Screech play that still sets him in a romantic mood? Loud, heavy metal acid rock. Kelly even face palms in reaction to perfect the scene.
    • Screech's horror-themed radio show, where he narrates with a ghoulish Peter Lorre voice, which sounded an awful lot like Gollum.
    • Screech's...eerily-on-the-mark impersonation of Al Bundy at the Save The Max telethon. Even better, not only does Zack refer to Al as a lowlife, but Screech also puts one of his hands down his pants like he does.
    • How Screech ended up discovering the radio station to begin with:
    Zack: Hey, Screech! I thought I knew every hiding place in this school. Hey, how did you find it?
    Screech: Oh, a bully dumped me down the garbage chute. [Beat] Someday, I'm gonna get even with that girl.
  • "Rockumentary" is easily one of the funniest episodes, in part due to its giant helping of Narm:
    • The "gang's" singing voices.
    • Their "hit" songs, "Did We Ever Have a Chance", "Love Me Now" and of course, "Friends Forever".
    • The "guest appearances" of Michael Jackson and Madonna (read: Really bad impersonators).
    • Zack as Vanilla Ice.
    Zack: "*angry* I look like 'Mr. Madonna'!"
    • "And on keyboards...Pope John Paul?!"
    • After the band breaks up, Lisa ends up as one of the gladiators, Lethal Lisa, on U.S. Gladiators, where she was such a brutal warrior, that she beat up everyone, including the audience.
  • As seen in a few earlier episodes with Mr. Belding addressing the students over the intercom. They pay him the utmost respect:
    Mr. Belding: Hello, students. This is your principal and your fearless leader, Mr. Belding.
    *students all groan loudly*
    Mr. Belding: Thank you.
  • Many of the gang's Noodle Incidents:
    • Zack sneaking the girls into a drive-in movie, only for him to to forget the trunk key. Even better, it was a Japanese movie, to which he tries to defend his actions by saying that he tried to read the subtitles as fast as he could.
    • Screech's "affectionate" gestures for Lisa (writing "I love you" in chocolate syrup on her mother's white couch, shaving the same thing into his hair and standing outside if her bedroom window, that eggplant sculpture he made of her, etc.)
    • Zack and Screech in general (when the former gets a great idea, the latter ends up naked on a bus, naked in a jar full of jellybeans, with his tongue stuck to a moving airplaine, when he tied him to the roller coaster tracks...)
  • In "Slater's Friend", after the gang has discovered that Slater's pet lizard, Artie, has died, this is Jessie's knee-jerk reaction on what to do note :
    "Should we try CPR?!"
    *the rest of the gang, even Screech, give her a look of "Really?"*
    "...Bad idea."
  • Zack's campaign video from "The Election" deserves a mention, which begins with an announcer saying "America is Zack Morris country" and includes him standing next to cardboard cutouts of Rocky (as he's declared "a Man's man..."), Madonna ("...and a ladies' man,") George H. W. Bush ("He's a pal to the powerful...") and his head poorly pasted onto Timmy's body ("...and kind to the cuddly.") There's also footage of Mikhail Gorbachev and Fidel Castro "advocating" for Zack in their respective languages as well as black and white footage of teenage girls screaming for The Beatles. In his own words, he says, "Wherever there's trouble, that's where I'll be." And his slogan: "Zack Morris: Why the Heck Not?"
    • "He's making a mockracy of demockery!"
    • Kelly telling Jessie that if she doesn't win, she'll go down with George McGovern, Walter Mondale and the Cleveland Indians.
    • When Zack tries to sabotage himself from winning after being told that the trip to D.C. was off, he has Screech help him by defacing his posters and convince kids waiting to vote to go with Jessie.
    Screech: Here's a quarter: vote for Jessie. Here's some quarters: vote for Jessie. Zack takes ballet lessons: pass it on. *Two guys in line rip off their "Zack" straw hats in disgust*
    • Before the official results of the election are read, Principal Belding reads off the votes of write-in candidates:
    "Jason Bateman: nine."
    "ALF: seven."
    "Gilligan: six."
    "And the Skipper, too."*laughs*
  • "Save That Tiger" has the boys engaged in a prank war with rival school, Valley. Screech has a suggestion for a prank:
    Screech: Let's flush all their toilets at once!
    Zack: Let's flush the water out of your brain!
    • The boys are then dressed in disguise to avoid detection. Zack and Slater dress in fatigues, to which Jessie comments that they look like "Rambo and Dumbo". And what about Screech? He's dressed as a ninja called Teenage Mutant Ninja Screech.
  • "The Lisa Card":
    • Zack selling Lisa's clothes in the hallway. He has Kelly model a bathing suit...which he immediately buys for himself and tells her to "get away from these animals".
    • Miss Wentworth's...interesting...lesson on reproduction in the animal kingdom.
    Slater: How come birds aren't attracted to horses?
    Miss Wentworth: Oh but they are. Unfortunately there just isn't enough room in the nest.
    • She refers to the pond as "nature's hot tub".
    • Her talking about an insect repelling unwanted admirers is timed with two guys kissing Lisa against her will. When Miss Wentworth hears her say "get away, creeps", she corrects her and demonstrates the proper insect sound. And gets the rest of the class to join in.
    • After a whole episode of tension over what Lisa's father might say when he finds out, it's a complete Anti-Climax. And his reaction to Lisa's attempts to pay the money back?
    "My daughter? Waiting on tables?"
  • "Driver's Ed" has Zack jealous of Slater getting his license before he does and it leads to an Imagine Spot of Slater and Kelly in his car at a drive-in movie while Zack bitterly watches on with Screech on his bike.
    • Screech is called on by Mr. Tuttle to use the driver's ed practice vehicle. After checking the tires, putting on driving gloves and then a helmet, he angrily screams "Will you vacate the vehicle?! Out, out, out, out!" And later when an eager Slater asks to drive, Tuttle, who was lied to about Zack that he was getting cocky and should teach the class, says "Pushy, pushy. Move your tushy!"
    • The conversation between Mr. Belding and Screech (who was imitating Mr. Tuttle to get the keys out of the car)
    Screech!Tuttle: Hello, Mr. Belding? This is Mr. Tuttle. Can you get the keys out of the driver's ed car? I left them by mistake-mistake-mistake.
    Belding: Why can't you do it?
    Screech!Tuttle: Uh, why can't I do it? Uhh, I'm shaving my body hair so I'll swim faster.
    *Zack groans in disgust*
    Belding: I'm sorry I asked.

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