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Headscratchers / Paranatural

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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Why does the Activity Club have access/permission to look through the school cameras, complete with the equipment?
    • Here Spender mentions "tapped cameras" (while also implying there are more cameras they haven't tapped), making the answer simple: They don't have permission. As for where they got the equipment, they are kinda-sorta a subsidiary of the Paranatural Activity Consortium, which has unclear levels of power and influence. Who knows what kind of budget they get.
      • Spender mentioned that they don't get paid, so it wouldn't quite make sense for them to have a budget. Dmitri appears to be ""unfamiliar"" with how the radio works, which actually belonged to the Activity Club at first. It seems fairly plausible that all that stuff belongs to him. BL claims that Spender didn't tell her about his "little project", and Zarei didn't seem to be aware of it either (please correct me if I'm wrong, though). It seems more likely that whoever gave the club their equipment either works with Spender or one of the members owned that stuff before.