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  • Defictionalization: The Clothing brand shirt worn by Isaac in chapter 3 can now be bought from Hive Mill, and the Insolent Children shirt worn by Max is available too.
  • Fan Nickname: Since the names of people and things are not always revealed right away, the fandom has taken to making their own, often involving as many puns as possible:
    • Gorf (the spirit Max fights in chapter 2) was commonly called 'Racist Whale-Frog' prior to his name being revealed on Twitter.
    • "Time snake" for Max's spirit. When it was discovered that the name wasn't really accurate (all spirits "stop time" to commune with their human hosts), a fan offered Scrapdragon as a replacement, which Zack made canon and Max uses later.
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    • "Montezeusma" for Isaac's spirit.
    • Mr. Splendiferous, Splendid, Stupendid and all variations thereof for Mr. Spender.
    • "Forge" or "Manvil" for the anvil-headed knight spirit. The former turns out to be canon.
    • The black dog spirits are known by a number of variants of "pixhellhound."
    • Scabs, the Dojo student Isabelle spars with in chapter 4, progressed through "Female Vegeta" due to her appearance and behavior, to "Vegetabelle" (vegeta + Belle), which then finally became simply "vegetable" due to an autocorrect mess-up.
    • The giant insect with a zipper down its belly which saved Max from falling off the Ghost Train has been dubbed "The Fly."
    • "BERG" for Broken Evil Riddle God, the mysterious spirit secretly possessing Max alongside Scrapdragon.
    • "Cthumbra" for the shadow spirit inside Spender, a portmanteau of Cthulhu and umbra (meaning "shadow").
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    • "Hijeff" for Hijack-possessed Jeff.
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  • Similarly Named Works: There's also a show on National Geographic titled Paranatural.
  • Technology Marches On: As the years have passed since the comic's debut, flip phones like Max's have become less common. Lampshaded in one alt text.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A relatively minor example, as far as this trope goes, but chapter 2 was split into multiple chapters, with former chapter 2 elements appearing as far ahead as chapter 4, instead of being one very long installment.
    • According to Zack, Isaac's tool was originally a car.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: It was discovered that one could post comments in the "future" by manipulating the site's code. This got out of hand, messing up the comments section; as a result, the comments have been disabled.
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  • Word of God: The male and female spectrals with Zarei are named Griggs and Savage, respectively. Savage is also the singer of Anarchyopterix, the band mentioned in RJ's backstory.


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