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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the first chapter, Max finds himself drawn to a storage closet, most likely the same one he later finds his tool in.
  • Chapter two reveals that Doctopus spirits eat pain, retroactively explaining Johnny's lack of pain after Max landed on him with his scooter.
  • Ed claims he didn't throw the can in chapter two. When we later learn that Max's bat has magnet powers, this event gains an explanation.
  • Johnny may come off as a bully who does bully things for no particular reason at all. However, he does have his motives. It all begins with him meeting his "arch-nemesis" Max with some other dude who he's never seen before. He decides to be the bully and bully them. But then Isaac jumps over the fence like it's no big deal. Obviously, this piques his curiosity, so he decides to keep pestering them. Then he sees Max using his bat to somehow jump over a fence again. Of course, his curiosity is piqued even more now. So he decides to steal Max's stuff and try to get the bat to work or something, which obviously doesn't get him anywhere. Those were the first freaky sights he saw that day, and Isaac's weather powers were the cherry on top.
  • Light is shed on Ed and his Cloudcuckoolander antics in the last two panels here:
    Ed: Oh, don't worry. Peeps won't deduce the whole spirit ghost secret spectral superpowers club thing from a bit of weird behavior. They'll just think yer crazy! And if ya really own it, they might even like you! Ha ha!
  • Here, Cinnamon Stix says "Youz sure gotta lotta juicy hweeyermz for a caged boid" to Spender. 70 or so pages later, Lucifer is introduced.
  • Agent Day's tool is basically Cupid's bow, causing Love at First Sight in whoever gets shot. Agent Day is also blind. Perhaps a reference to the expression "blinded by love" or "love is blind"?
  • The Reveal of the relationship between Mr. Spender and Mr. Garcia is pretty astonishing, but signs of a relationship existing have been there since relatively early in the comic. Very, very subtle signs. There's two glasses out next to the bottle in Spender's bedroom, Spender has company over after the ghost train debacle, someone drew a heart on his lunch bag, the two of them coordinate their work outfits, and (while specific to Garcia) there's a background exchange of a lunch lady telling Garcia she knows she's "not his type".
  • Max thinks that Johnny and his gang aren't smart enough for ambush tactics. However, Stephen wouldn't attack someone with their back turned anyway.
  • Max's tool is a bat. The first enemy that Max fights with a bat is also a bat.
  • On chapter 4, page 31, Cody mentions that Stephen getting in detention again would results in suspension according to the code of conduct. Of course he should know, he's a member of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council! And not just any member. He's the Student Council President!
  • Stephen mistaking Jeff for Isaac may seem like just a one-off joke to portray him as a potential idiot, but then it's revealed that Isaac is 13, so he's in an entirely different grade. Stephen wouldn't be able to see Isaac in any of his classes. So even if he did see and/or interacted with him at some point, it wouldn't be a for a very long moment. Because Johnny and the gang bully Jeff the most and share classes with him, the ginger haired kid who they always interact with instead of some random dude who you've maybe seen once or twice down your school hallways would be the more likely option. Johnny also refers to Isaac as "that kid with the hair", so naturally Stephen is going to go after the kid he knows with giant hair rather than the kid he doesn't know with such a vague description.
  • Isabel and Spender both warn Max that most ghosts can't really use tools, as the tool will eventually consume them. However, the plunger that Max gives PJ is blue, while PJ's own energy is a shade of purple. The plunger can't feed on PJ, at least not at a rate that will be dangerous.
  • Early on, Max muses "why isn't the Earth covered in the ghosts of dead bugs?" While he doesn't get a direct answer, Spender mentions off-hand that most tools feed off of small ghosts. So the spirit world isn't overrun with bug ghosts for the same reason the living world isn't overrun with living bugs: Bigger things eat them.

Fridge Horror

  • The fact that Isaac knows someone who dies would leave a ghost strongly implies he's seen someone die before, especially when you keep in mind Spender's "teaching" style.
  • We already know the Activity Club is full of children fighting against spirits, but Boss Leader mentions that she's known Spender since he started puberty. It's very possible that a lot of children have been fighting these dangerous spirits (where it's known there's a risk of dying) for years, possibly decades.
  • In one page, Forge was about to take control of Johnny and make him attack Ed. The chapter events leading up to it have shown that someone possessed doesn't know what happens to them while under the control of a spirit, so this presents several horrifying implications:
    • For the other students and faculty, a kid throwing fire around on a rampage would be a nightmare and likely end a lot of deaths and injuries.
    • For Ed, being caught off guard by that kind of attack from out of nowhere would almost assuredly end in his death.
    • For Johnny, he would most likely come out of a daze in a burning school with a lot of his peers dead or hurt around him, ruining his life.
    • For Isaac, it completely justifies Spender's secrecy around him.
  • In one early page, Max fights through a crowd of kids only to later learn that they were all ghosts. Now, the nature of ghosts is that they don't last long; they hang around for a few years in most cases, though they will linger longer if their deaths were painful. Consider how many ghosts there were in those corridors. Thus, there are two possibilities: either a lot of kids died in Mayview very recently, or a bunch of kids died horrible, horrible deaths.
    • Considering that some of the kids are seen wearing modern day earphones, the former seems more likely. A lot of them are seen in the school hallways, implying that they're either unaware that they are dead or there's some sort of ghost community. Adding to this, there's also a ghost teacher. Just what happened at Mayview middle school that resulted in the deaths of seemingly all of its inhabitants?
  • In Chapter 4, Spender is warned by Lucifer that utilizing a technique known as "Spirit Fusion" makes Lucifer unable to contain the dangerous shadow spirit Spender is a medium to. This is showcased after the Ghost Train is pacified, with the shadow spirit coating Max and Isabel in its shadowy tendrils (and one of its powers is to turn any shadows into chasms). Later in Chapter 5, Isabel tells Max that Spender uses Spirit Fusion "all the time". She clarifies that she's never seen the shadow spirit before, but if Lucifer's warning is any indication, Spender has come close to accidentally releasing this extremely dangerous, implicitly malevolent spirit from himself multiple times, in front of the children he's supposed to be protecting.
  • Ed has been shown to be a spectral since infancy. There is more than one way to become a spectral, such as through high levels of Vitamin C, a near-death experience, exposure to paranormal phenomena such as being possessed and exposure to a tool. What happened to Ed to make him a spectral at such a young age?
    • We learn in Chapter 7 that his parents were paranatural researchers that went missing under strange circumstances shortly after he was born. Could it be possible that Ed has been a spectral since before he was even born?