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Heartwarming / Paranatural

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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     Chapter 1: The Activity Club and the New Kid 

     Chapter 2: Max and the Midnight Visitor 

     Chapter 3: Max, Isaac, and the Secret Shortcut 
  • Guilt ridden over having potentially betrayed the Doorman's, Isaac's spiritual (literally) and apparent mentor and close friend, trust by revealing his secret location to Max, Isaac seems to prepare for the trouble that may ensue. However, the Doorman simply forgives the spiky-haired Spectral, telling him that he is indeed an "agent of justice" as he feels guilty over his actions. Isaac thanks the Doorman by giving him a Justice Hug!!!

     Chapter 4: The Activity Club and the Ghost Train 

     Chapter 5: The Activity Club and the Insidious Infiltrator 

     Chapter 6: Stephen and the Suspension of Disbelief 
  • Stephen and the Long Dog's relationship, with Stephen's quest to find the dog's owner after saving it from apathetic high schoolers, his honesty in telling the shopkeeper that he wants to see the future to see who the dog's owner is, and asking the dog later if it wants to stay with him if Stephen can't find his owner.
  • After the Sphinx decided to eat Isaac instead of asking a riddle, the rest of the team decide to take care of the Sphinx entirely by themselves. Isaacs expressions of impression and appreciation are quite adorable to see, and seeing the kids dedicated to protecting Isaac instead of leaving the trouble to himself is heartwarming to see.