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Headscratchers / Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

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  • So a couple things I never got. 1. How does Mary go from being an Alpha Bitch to a straight up Ax-Crazy Serial Killer? I mean, this isn't like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Child's Play where the villains started out as psycho killers and are just continuing their errr... occupation after coming Back from the Dead. She was just a normal girl, albeit not a very nice one, now that she comes back she's an evil perverted serial killer type. Why? 2. If she wanted revenge why didn't she immediately go after the guys who killed her and why'd she kill all those random people who had nothing to do with it?
    • I get the impression that in life, she might have been very slightly unhinged, and that being killed pushed her over the edge. Her taunting of Bill with hinted intent to murder his innocent son suggests a penchant for For the Evulz, which, combined with her rampant hedonism, seems to be motivation for inventively murdering people who mildly annoy her, or obstruct her aim to resume her disrupted crowning.
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    • Who could say just what dying and coming back as a ghost would even do to a person mentally? To say nothing of whatever they might've encountered on the other side...
  • When Vicki starts making out with her dad why doesn't he resist or even act like it's all that unusual? Are we supposed to assume it's some kind of Mind Control? And why does Mary make Vicki do this anyway, other than to gross out the audience?
    • I think he was just too stunned to protest, although I wouldn't rule out a touch of Mind Control. Her malicious delight in causing unease seems the most likely motive.

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