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Funny / Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

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  • Harsh as it is, Bill’s walking in on Mary Lou and Buddy holds some dark mirth.
    Mary Lou: Be cool, Billy, we weren’t doin’ anything.
  • Bill then runs into the principal, who comments negatively on the music: "This rock and roll will never last."
  • Josh's theatrical exhibition of his homemade radio, complete with Mad Scientist affectation, only for the potato-powered device to emit a single spark.
  • Kelly's buoyant self-aggrandisement. Most notably her first scene, where she does a brief Flamenco impression while describing her prom dress, and says it will look "Sss!" hot.
  • The Hypocritical Humor of Monica complaining about her lack of prom dates, only to offhandedly tell a guy who was clearly about to ask her out not to interrupt their conversation.
  • Josh and Kelly's flirtatious banter.
    Kelly: Let me in, Josh.
    Josh: I'll have to frisk you for weapons.
    Kelly: *brief look of mild disdain*
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  • Josh's genial, outrageously lewd quips.
  • Mary Lou's mocking "confession", in a Crosses the Line Twice way.

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