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Well, this is a Beatles movie where Hilarity Ensues so...

  • "End of Part One. Intermission."
    Cue image of the Beatles in a glen, goofing around while a bird chirps. It must be seen.
  • The "whirly thing coming out of that man's stomach"/"It's only a hose" scene comes to mind.
    • "It's for you." "Who is it?" "The gardener." "I'll just stick it out the window then..."
  • This:
    Ringo: What was it that first attracted you to me?
    John: Oh, you're very polite.
  • When the fuse in Buckingham Palace blows, we see that the Royal Fuse is made of gold. The man who replaces it - at the World Famous Power Station - casually states that it must have been caused by the Queen's new hairdryer.
  • The bar scene, when Ringo is trapped in the basement with the tiger. The head of the Scotland Yard explains that the tiger will not attack if someone sings it "Ode to Joy", prompting John to shout to Ringo "Of course! Why didn't you think of that, you twit?"
    • And while explaining about the tiger, the head of Scotland Yard nearly falls into the tiger pit. John has to grab him.
    • When the tiger enters the cellar, we get the absolutely redundant caption "A TIGER".
    • Ringo trying to escape the tiger pit with a ladder, but the rungs keep breaking.
    Ringo: [looks directly into the camera] All the rungs have been neatly sawed through the middle.
  • Discussing the Mad Scientist Foot: "You can't stop him when he gets going like that. He's out to rule the world... If he can get a government grant."
  • This line from Clang, setting up the plot:
    Clang: Without the ring, there will be no sacrifice. Without the sacrifice, there will be no congregation. Without the more me.
  • Pretty much the entire visit to the Far Eastern restaurant is an onslaught of Crowning Funny.
    • A Cockney doorman: "What are unions for?"
    • George keeps noticing the kitchen staff disappearing (dragged off by cultists) every time he turns to look for more kitchen staff.
    • John finding more and more stuff in his soup:
    "I think somebody's been in this soup!"
  • In Switzerland:
    • And:
    Swimmer: Excuse me, White Cliffs of Dover?
    [John points to the Swiss horizon]
    Swimmer: Ah, thanks.
    [John nods with a huge grin]
  • When the boys finally go to Scotland Yard to get help protecting Ringo:
    Inspector: Red?
    Ringo: They have to paint me red before they chop me up. It's a different religion than ours. (Beat) I think.
    • And when Clang calls the office:
    John: Hold on! It's them! Only me and Paul know we're here!
    George: I know we're here.
    • And then the inspector decides to answer the phone call from the cultists himself, pretending as Ringo:
    Inspector: I do the odd impression, you know, James Cagney... (puts on stereotypical Liverpudlian Beatle accent, speaks into phone) Hullo there, this is the famous Ringo here, gear, fab. What is it that I could do for you as it were, gear, fab?
    George: [miffed] Not a bit like Cagney.
    • After the cultists attempt to shoot Ringo first with an arrow with a balloon of red paint on it, then with a second arrow to burst it and kill him, spraying red paint across the inspector's map.
    Inspector: Yes, I believe you. Thousands wouldn't.
  • The Fab Four's apartment looks like four regular flats on the outside, but on the inside, it's four rooms of a single house squished together.
  • At the recording studio:
    Record Producer: Boys! Are you buzzing?
    John: No thanks, I got the car.
    • Later,
    John: It was you buzzing, you naughty boy!
  • The Mad Scientist turns a failed attempt at shooting The Beatles into an embittered rant on scientific funding when his gun jams:
    British, you see. Useless. If I had a Luger, or a pistol, eh? Scientists properly equipped, eh? It's up to you! The voter!
  • "MISSED, you naughty boys!"
  • All the talk about "filthy Eastern ways".
    John: Now see what you've done with your filthy Eastern ways!
    Ahme: No! It is Clang, the High Priest, who is filthy in his Eastern ways.
    John: How do we know you're not just as filthy and sent my him to nick the ring by being filthy and you have lulled us with your filthy Eastern ways?
    Paul: What filthy ways are these?
  • All the members of the cult riding the train in full oriental garb.
  • Ringo's response to being found by George, bundled up in the trunk.
    Ringo: Hello.
  • John sitting inside the piano while playing it during the "Ticket to Ride" sequence.
  • John (in gruff cockney accent, sitting next to him in the bar) "WhenareyuhgonnachopitoffRingo?!"
  • When Paul does his hokey "Native American tracking scout" dialect on the bike trail in the Bahamas after seeing footprints leading to the temple, John eggs him on, but George snaps, "Don't encourage him. You've got the part, Paul."
  • The deliberately stilted "laughter" of the Fab Four sliding down the Alps on a huge sled.
    Beatles: "Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho...."
  • The first attempt on Ringo with the mail box....Ringo goes to put the letter in the slot when his hand gets grabbed and the ring and finger bitten....
    Ringo: AUGH! AAAAGGGHHH!!!
    John: What are you doing?
    Ringo: [calm and deadpan] Posting a letter.
  • Clang discussing HUMAN SACRIFICE with the Vicar and the Vicar simply quietly listens as if it was a normal topic of conversation, not being alarmed at all. Said Vicar then attends the "Ringo Sacrifice" on the beach near the end.
  • The fact that Clang's weird pseudo-Hindu-offshoot murder cult is used to satirize functions at religious groups. Much jokes about fundraisers, youth groups and such are made.
  • The way Clang's bunch just packs themselves into one phone booth to hypnotize The Beatles into going to the playing droning Indian music while Clang repeats "" in a manner that sounds quite silly.
  • The cult's home-invasion of The Beatles' place is pretty insane.
    • Amidst the chaos, there's Ringo going all What the Fu Are You Doing?, followed by him thinking "The heck with it" and lunging at a goon with a Frankenstein Monster noise....only to get doused in red paint and start bawling.
    • George accidentally strangling John, "Not me you fool!"..."Sorry (continues strangling)".
  • Ringo's bug-eyed, silent, frantic head-shake when the mad scientist asks rhetorically if anyone "would want me operating with a blunt scalpel?" Made funnier by the possibility that Ringo might've been too stoned to remember he was making a movie, at that moment.
  • Clang's talking to his group in their native language and his assistant does not understand what Clang is saying because he doesn't speak the language.
  • In the Bahamas one of the ground crew is directing and then it cuts to him and another guy playing ping pong with their paddles.