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History Funny / HelloMaryLouPromNightII

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* Kelly's buoyant self-aggrandisement.


* Kelly's buoyant self-aggrandisement. "Sss!"

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* Harsh as it is, Bill’s [[InterruptedIntimacy walking in on]] Mary Lou and Buddy holds some dark mirth.
--> '''Mary Lou:''' Be cool, Billy, [[BlatantLies we weren’t doin’ anything]].
* Josh's theatrical exhibition of his homemade radio, complete with MadScientist affectation, only for the potato-powered device to emit a single spark.
* Kelly's buoyant self-aggrandisement.
* Josh and Kelly's flirtatious banter.
--> '''Kelly:''' ''Let'' me ''in'', Josh.\\
'''Josh:''' I'll have to frisk you for weapons.\\
'''Kelly:''' *[[EyeTake brief look of mild disdain]]*
* Josh's genial, outrageously lewd quips.

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