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Examples of Gargle Blasters in Anime & Manga.

  • One episode of Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy had Belldandy pitted against Sayoko in a drinking contest. At one point, Bell is still standing strong while Sayoko is having trouble speaking coherently... so she decides to bring a bottle of her most potent stuff — and collapses upon opening it and smelling its contents. Sayoko had to be taken away by paramedics, while Belldandy did eventually get drunk... on cola.
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  • The Ai Yori Aoshi anime has a bottle of liquor that Tina brought from America. It glowed in the dark. Taeko, the resident Meganekko/Cute Clumsy Girl drank a cup straight, and everyone thought it was fine. As it turned out, Taeko is just really good at holding her liquor, and naturally, Hilarity Ensued.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Inui's juices are not alcoholic, but pretty much everyone on the team breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of them, and even Fuji, who otherwise happily drinks anything Inui makes, passed out upon imbibing the "Aozu".
  • Grand Blue 's "Oolong tea". In a pint glass, pour in 9 parts vodka and 1 part dark whiskey. You can light it on fire too! If you need water, drink up, it's clear — even though you can light it up and pour out of a bottle that say "Spirytus" and "96%"
    • Chapter 21/Episode 12: Otori... Peek-a-Boo style. Into a large stone jar, everyone pour in a full bottle of their favorite liquor. First comes 2 bottles of Spirityus (96%). Then another bottle of Spirityus, then another. Then if allowed, a jar of Awamori (60%), but is frowned upon due to dilution. And keep going until everyone pours in and have enough so for every X person, they can chug X time; in this case, 12 times; each chug involves a full glass that is poured not just to the brim, but have the surface tension rising a bit. Drink it fast, other wise at least a gulp will be evaporated. Be careful of the alcohol vapor; it sting. For those with weaker composition, dilute one part of the mixture with 2 parts water so it's "only" 30%. (note: typical liquor percentage: 40%)


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