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It's almost an art for Star Ocean players to find the fastest and most efficient ways to remove any challenge from the games. For example, in Till the End of Time, doing so will almost certainly involve either Orichalcum or Boots of Prowess, depending on where you are in the game.

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    Star Ocean / The First Departure 

Star Ocean

  • The first Star Ocean also had some fairly broken item crafting, as well as an unassuming "draw" skill which let you duplicate certain items. Most nice things can't be duplicated with "draw", but violins can, which sell for a * very* high price.
  • In the original version of Star Ocean, Roddick (Ratix)'s Secret Skill (Ougi) version of his Double Slash (Souhazan) is hideously overpowered: you could get the item needed to learn it relatively early in the game, and the main benefit over the normal version is that it shoots out 2 large energy crescents after the second slash. Combine this with the fact that you can link up to 4 attacks together into a combo, and you can effortlessly stunlock most enemies until they keel over, including the initial appearance of the recurring tri-Ace Bonus Boss, Gabriel Celeste.

    Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution 

Star Ocean: The Second Story

  • In the original, against flying bosses (especially the Phoenix in the Cave of Trials), Opera can pretty much break the game because her anti-air attack is an easily spammable shot from her rifle where she doesn't even have to jump. She can pretty much stunlock flying bosses to death that way. This got nerfed in the remake.
  • The Customize skill can grant party members access to powerful weapons well before the enemies' strengths increase to balance. An noteworthy example is that Claude's ultimate weapon, Eternal Sphere / Aeterna, is customizable just over halfway through the first disc, a weapon that is only truly outclassed after completing the Bonus Dungeon.
  • Eternal Sphere / Aeterna is itself a Game Breaker; beyond an impressive 1600 ATK stat, granting several elemental resistances, and other stat increases, the weapon also shoots out multiple stars with each successful hit. Each star can also damage an enemy, and it is very easy to stunlock any enemy sans the Final Boss and the last boss in the Bonus Dungeon by spamming normal attacks with it.
  • Bloody Armor can be this; it grants invulnerability at the cost of rapidly draining the character's HP, which is easily solved by including Opera or Noel in the party to spam Healing Star or Fairy Light, ideally while equipped with a Fairy Ring and a Ring of Mental Power so they can't run out of MP.
  • The "Scientific Ability" and "Kitchen Knife" skills are this in the early game, granting +10 and +20 Strength bonuses per level of the skill; at low levels, they can easily triple Claude's damage output.
  • Go to Linga and buy some Smith's Hammers, then head to the Lassguss Mountains (west of Cross Castle) and go right at the fork in the path. You'll find yourself on a large beach. The enemies are rather tough here, but some of them will drop Orichalcum and Damascus. If you've obtained the Blacksmithing super specialty, you can use those two metals to make some very strong armors, helmets, and shields. And once you equip the new items, you can keep making more to sell. One of the items you can make from Damascus is the Core Plate; even if you haven't leveled up Tool Knowledge (to increase sell prices), you can sell them for 35,000 FOL each. Selling a lot means you won't have to worry about money for pretty much the rest of the game.
  • Using Pickpocket on Filia allows you to get Mischief, an acessory that when equipped to a party member gets you random items, including nice sums of money, and sometimes items you couldn't receive until much later in the game.
  • Forged Medals reduces the experience points a character needs for the next level to 1. Combine it with the Reproduction skill and you can get everyone to become overleveled before the first half of the game.

    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

  • Nel's Ice Daggers has the highest probability of freezing the target (1:3 at Lv.10) of any ice spell/attack in the game. A frozen enemy can be insta-killed, regardless of their remaining HP, provided the attack doesn't also freeze the target. Alternatively, you can synthesize the Freezing ability to any weapon you choose, allowing you to freeze most enemiesnote  on contact.
  • Cliff's Aerial Assault deals 5x dmg. + ¼ that amount as MP dmg to a single target. You can augment it with the HP/MP Dmg. combat tome to triple both amounts (at Lv.10). Now set Aerial Assault to the short/strong position, so it can't be blocked.
  • If Fayt or Cliff has equipped the 'No Guard' support skill, it prevents them from flinching from attacks that inflict less than ¼ their total HP. Meaning, no more hit stun - allowing them to attack without fear of being interrupted. Give 'No Guard' to Cliff while he has Aerial Assault. Bye bye game difficulty.
  • Fayt is completely invincible during his strong button's long distance run animation. So with proper space and timing, he can charge straight through attacks such as Nebelung Valasti and Ether Strike with impunity and score two free hits.note 
  • Maria. Don't let her initial impression fool you - she does start with a crappy weapon so it gives the illusion that she has crappy damage output. Change it and watch how she makes succeeding boss battles trivial. Her starting skills alone are quite deadly - Aiming Device is an accurate, strong attack that deals good MP damage to boot, and Scatter Beam is utterly devastating at close range. Scatter Beam combos will carry you towards post game until you can get her all-powerful Energy Burst attack. Also, she gains a huge amount of MP, so putting Convert Damage on her turns her into an MP tank.
  • Item creation, as might be expected, is ripe for abuse with the right inventors:
    • The Celestial Homonculous in Alchemy, which can be sold for twice the amount of money it took to create, which means easy money in early to mid game.
    • Also in Alchemy is the Orichalcum, which gives a 500 point boost to the attack power of any weapon it's synthesized onto. As most items have eight slots available for placement, this means a humongous boost in attack power that will last you well throughout the story even when placed on weaker weapons, such as Fayt's starting weapon, Metal Pipe, which is required for several Battle Trophies.
    • In Crafting, the Boots of Prowess are quite probably the best item in the game. When first created, they'll give a 5% boost to strength and defense. Further refinement allows for a total of 30% boost. Eight of these on a weapon, plus two in the accessory equipment slots = 300% boost to your character's attack and defense. On Galaxy, with the right armor, this can make Fayt totally immune to damage from most attacks, even from the game's ultimate bonus bosses. On Universe and 4D, the enemies are a bit stronger, so it doesn't work on them, but it would still trivialize everything else.

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope 

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

  • Anne's Hammer of Might is fast, strong, does AOE and knockdown, can hit downed enemies, and when paired with attack-enhancing Roles, makes Anne a One-Woman Army the likes of which would make Arumat proud.
  • Some roles portray this, the likes of:
    • Dead Man Walking: Double Subverted with this defensive role. This role causes the character to become invincible at the expense of steady damage of 1% every 3 to 10 ticks of damage per second. Not too bad. However, pairing this with the Instigator role allows the character to become a walking tank with a sufficiently advanced healer.
    • Holy Mother: A Healing role unlocked with Level 3 in Elementalist, Paladin and Crusader. Gives a steady stream of MP (to a max of 3%) every 5 seconds while enemies do less actions. Pretty much an infinite MP pool for the character with this role, especially handy for Miki when put together with Sage and Shrewd Overseer.


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