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  • If you ease your way into Naval Piranha Plant's room, you can hop up on the ledge before the cutscene starts and take it out in one shot. It doubles as a sigh of relief if you are going for a perfect 100 points. Kamek's reaction is priceless ("OH, MY!"). If you do decide to fight Naval Piranha, Kamek will try to do his usual Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, but it comes out less intimidating than some of his earlier ones:
    Kamek: Give it up, Yoshi, you cutie without a navel! Ooopp— Forget it...
  • "Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy".
    • The distorted tracks that play while Yoshi is dizzy.
  • The entire Prince Froggy fight. It begins when Yoshi is shrunken and eaten (the entire time having the most hilarious expression on his face) and after you win, Yoshi goes out the rear. The frog's face as it lies there spasming is side splitting, and Yoshi's same disgusted/disturbed expression as before is priceless.
  • Also this exchange in Yoshi's Island DS:
    Bowser: I'll find the babies, and soon that power will be mine, ALL MINE! And so will the entire universe! GWAHAHAHAHA!
    Baby Bowser: ...Wait a second! Are you saying that even when I'm an old geezer, I'll still be trying to take over the universe? Lame!
    Bowser: Shut your trap, squirt!
    Baby Bowser: You can't talk to me that way! You might be bigger than me, but—
    Bowser: GRRRRRRRRRRR! (blows fire at Baby Bowser)
    Baby Bowser: (falling off the castle) Don't think I'll ever forget this! I won't! Not for a million years! Not even when I'm an old geezer like YOU!
    Lemony Narrator: Both Bowser and his knee-high counterpart seem to have forgotten which side they're on.
    • Not to mention, throughout that exchange, Kamek's staring directly at the player with an expression like he's thinking 'Why me?'.
    • The whole idea of Bowser having his baby self kidnapped. Even Baby Bowser feels the need to point out the ridiculousness of the situation.
    • When Baby Bowser grabs onto Kamek's broom for a ride, then loses his grip and falls who-knows-where, the narrator exclaims "Baby Bowser has vanished! Will we ever see him again? Eh, who cares."
  • Burt the Bashful. To defeat him, Yoshi pulls Burt's pants down until he dies of embarrassment.
    • In the sequel, Yoshi battles the Burt Bros, who are defeated the exact same way.
    • It happens to him yet again in Woolly World. Only this time, Yoshi unsews his pants with his tongue.
    • It happens YET AGAIN in Crafted World, only this time Yoshi knocks him into the water and ground pounds his crotch, which somehow makes his pants recede.
  • It's hard to not burst out laughing when Baby Bowser makes his entrance — either at just the sight of him, watching him ground pound Kamek flat and kick him off-screen, or him demanding a ride on Yoshi.
  • Most of the bosses in Yoshi's New Island are rather forgettable, but the boss of World 4 is a supersized version of such an obscure enemy that it's hard not to laugh. It's one of those fish skeletons you occasionally see jumping in and out of lava, which only appeared once or twice in the original game.
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  • In several castle stages, ghosts will pass bombs to one another while they try to drop it on your head. If you do a stomp while that's happening, however, the ghosts will be so stunned by the shock that they accidentally drop the bomb by mistake. They all look shocked and then shake their heads in a truly priceless way while the one with the bomb in its hands will look sad by what just happened.
  • The secret finale to "Yoshi's New Island." Somehow, Baby Bowser pulled a time warp and made himself Bowser, who is roaring mad and sends Yoshi to his own personal arena.
    • He even proceeds to do this in the ending shown if the player uses the Flutter Wings in any level, challenging the player to beat every level without using them.

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