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Episode One - The Chosen Mum

  • Anything the Crone says or does, especially when Howick falls to his knees and drops his silly voice for a second.
    The Crone [masculine voice]: Ah... that was a mistake.
  • The way Nigel the Oracle's vision comes true, up to and including the incredibly surreal image of the "black dog...might be black and white...ginger! You got a cat?"
  • Gallants. Incredibly polite — to the death.
    "I will tear your arms... from your well-toned torso and use them to viciously beat you to death!"
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  • This exchange, after the Elders first hear about Debbie:
    Trevor: She doesn't sound very impressive.
    Vex: Trevor, you're a blob.

Episode Two - Wizard Bradley

  • The 1970s flashback to a roller disco. Mojo has an afro.
  • Bradley completely misunderstanding Debbie's request to "go back to his place."
  • As Debbie and Elf celebrate that they've reunited the Wizard and Mojo, in the background we see the two fighting, and Bradley getting ready to smash a chair.
  • The end sequence of ecstatic reviews from Wizard Bradley fans, including Baynton and Howick as completely stunned chavs, a puppet in a poncho, a French Willbond and an Irish Larry Rickard.


Episode Three - Reformation

  • The butt shot. 'Nuff said.
  • The devoutly truthful monk of Old John launching an epic string of Your Mom snaps at Negatus... politely, reasonably, and blissfully unaware of how he could possibly be upsetting anyone, let alone the avowed Dark Lord of the realm.
  • "I may be old and forgetful, but at least I'm not old and forgetful!"

Episode Four - The Ultimate Prize

  • Willbond is totally not Shane Warne.
  • Philip of Woolworth using ridiculously outdated pickup lines on Debbie.
    Debbie: Ever heard of sexism?
    Phillip: Mm, I'm looking riiiiiight at it.
  • "You bear the mark of the War God!" "No, it's from Millets."
  • The Kissing Competition, and the stunning return of the Crone.
  • The literally unfocused binoculars. "Oh look, it's a flutterbug!" It's made funnier when you've read the accounts of filming that scene, with two puppeteers and three actors standing/lying in a heap due to the small set. Apparently from above it looked like a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

Episode Five - Closing the Portal

  • "I'm wearing really big knickers" coupled with the faces of the actors.
  • One of the Guardians of the Waters is implied to have given Debbie a colonoscopy:
    Guardian: The hose, was the pressure too-
  • The utter Britishness of the lyric "you made us feel so snug/just like a fitted sheet."
  • The cute, fluffy, innocent little squeaky-voiced Parvuli serenade Debbie with a sweetly sincere thank-you song, shower her in flowers, and then as she leaves, one turns to the other...
    "She's alright, ain't she?"
    "I'd go there, mate, I would."
    • Nick and Elf's reactions to the Parvuli are the complete antithesis to Debbie being smitten with the little creatures. Doubles as leaning on the fourth wall - utter adoration or utter disgust are pretty much the only viable ways to react to the sugar-sweet Parvuli.
    Parvuli: Debbie, would it be alright if we sang you a thank-you song?
    Nick: Oh God, here they go...

Episode Six - The Idiot King

  • The Elders being collectively totally fascinated by Debbie's superior treasure map-reading skills. "Ohhhhh! We thought the 'X' stood for "X-tra dangerous!"
  • King Bernard's cheesy 80s pop song, coupled with both the Chamberlain's reactions to the random background music, and his apologetic faces to Debbie as he sings backup. It needs to be seen to be believed.
  • Negatus'... unique... choice of badass signature vehicle. "Halt! Cease!" *sigh* "Stop the mobility sleigh!"
  • Proper little Victorian lady Miss Fanshawe's cool and efficient assist with the rescue at the well. "You're surprisingly strong!" "I do a lot of tapestry."
  • King Bernard in general completely missing his Chamberlain's mockery, until the very end: "You're... rather sarcastic, aren't you?" "Me? NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Episode Seven - The Heart of the Sun

  • Pete's turn as Argos the Sun God (also known as the Great God 'I Am Thirty.').
  • "Wanna go home and make a video?" "YES!"
  • Simon Farnaby's Ninny and his wife... make that his husband. "My God... what have I done?"
  • "Oooh, gently."

Episode Eight - Dirty Ernie

  • Elf manages to get himself out of torture by convincing Negatus' henchmen they're supposed to get information from him. He then proceeds to give them completely useless information about his relatives.
  • The Gallants (a race that always tries to out-polite each other) start paying their bartender, who promptly gets out a bucket. If you watch them carefully, in the background you see them holding up the escape plan by not going through a door, until Bradley intervenes.
  • The utterly beautiful fourth wall break by Baynton's Gallant, who watches Bradley and Mojo puppeteering henchdemon Geoff's unconscious body, before marvelling "he's just like a puppet..." complete with exquisitely timed Aside Glance.


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