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Since Yonderland is aimed at an older audience than Horrible Histories, it makes sense they'd have even more raunchy stuff.

The Chosen Mum

Wizard Bradley

  • Negatus, relaxing in his bath, sighs and claims that being an evil overlord must be the worst job in the world. A small creature holding a toothbrush then emerges from the water between his legs and begs to differ. The clincher?
    Negatus: Oh, shut up and do the other one.
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  • This, when Debbie asks the Wizard for a potion to cure her sick husband:
    Debbie: "Actually, there is something you can do for me. Let's go back to your place!"
    Wizard Bradley: "Oh! Uh...well, I'm very flattered, Debbie, but it's been a while...and I'm a little rusty with, ah, technique..." *hand gestures*
  • There's another one in the 1970s flashback.
    Wizard Bradley: It even looks like a wand!


  • The monks of Old John, by the rules of their Order, must always tell the strictest truth. Debbie's not convinced.
    Debbie: "That's rubbish, everyone can lie. 'I'm washing my hair'... um, 'It was good for me too'..."
  • Negatus is suffering from some sort of rash on his "Gentlemen's-excuse-me" which could translate to a sexually transmitted infection. This also puts a new spin on The Crone in the news segment trailer claiming that Negatus threatened to give her a disease...,
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  • Baynton's monk asks Debbie to come back to his place and promises he'd call her in the morning.

The Ultimate Prize

  • Philip of Woolworth, champion knight, attempts some suave flirting with Debbie:
    "My face is leaving in five minutes..." For those who don't know the joke in its entirety, the punchline is, "Be on it."
  • "My career's over, I'm going to have to sell my ass. I really love that donkey."

Closing the Portal

  • Jim Howick's pink haired masseuse offers to irrigate Debbie's colon.
  • When Debbie emerges from her spa treatment looking refreshed and rejuvenated, Elf says she looks great...and then follows it up with an impressed "Hubba, hubba!" and honking hand gestures.
  • Elf tells Debbie that Ennythingos is home to Yonderland's "equivalent of the clap, so just...don't."

The Idiot King

  • Nick the stick is woken up from a dream that, from what he says, involved a woman and a bottle of linseed oil. Given that linseed oil is often rubbed on wood, and Nick is completely made of wood, it's not a stretch to imagine what his dream was about.
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  • This line from the king's song to Debbie, followed by returning with a hammer and smashing the radar to bits.
    Bernard: "What's a royal seed without a fertile field to germinate? (suggestive raised eyebrow)"
  • A female peasant, after getting a dress from Debbie, says "C'mon, let's go down t'the lake" to her male companion (Willbond), who responds with a very telling "Yes!".

The Heart of the Sun

  • Everything Negatus' "minion of the month" Kendall says:
    Kendall: "You've been a naughty little girl, haven't you?"
  • Kendall says he had to spank his machine. The machine he constantly caresses, fondles, strokes and calls a woman.
  • When one of the ninnies realises that the person he thought was his wife was actually her brother, we get this exchange:
    Ninny: Oh god. What have I done?
    Nick the Stick: What haven't you done.
  • Debbie's husband gets rather... excited about Debbie offering to make a tape with him until she clarifies it's a showtape.
  • Pete seduces Debbie at the end of the episode with his Sun God hat.

Dirty Ernie

  • During Debbie's birthday party (when it isn't her birthday), Vice Elder Flowers (Farnaby) enters as the stripper.
  • After Havelock is once again thwarted when trying to propose to Ms. Fanshaw, he finally suggests they just "live in sin", much to her delight.

The Winging Detective

  • Elf’s last line in the episode ‘I love a happy ending’ whilest having a massage is a massive one, considering what ‘happy ending’ can mean in certain massage parlours.

A Vicious Circle

  • Debbie says that her husband once shaved his downstairs area to resemble Australia, which he then corrects “it was supposed to be a heart!”
  • “oh we’ve all got demons mate. My wife used to make me dress up as a beaut-“
  • Debbie calls Nick ‘Stickhead’ (lovingly, but still)
  • Ellis Of Woolworth is heavily hinted to be gay or ace “all I used to do was try to be brave, which is a lie, and flirt with girls which is a-“

The Last Fahl

  • This episode is almost entirely penis jokes, the two most blatant examples being the suggestive silhouettes scene and the fact that Negatus' logo looks like a cock-and-balls
  • Early on, Jeff the demon gets "power vacuum" mixed up with "vacuum cleaner", mentioning he got stuck in one once. Negatus remembers he "told [him] not to put it in there".

Series 3

  • They get a lot of mileage from the fact that Cuddly Dick is named, well, Dick.

Yonderland Christmas

  • The whole conversations Nigel has with the other guests about his fat balls.

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