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Shoutouts for the Sky1 original family fantasy-comedy series Yonderland.

Series One

Episode One - The Chosen Mum

  • Entering a magical world through a cupboard?
  • Mr. Havelock and Miss Fanshawe, the very proper little proposing puppet couple who're sitting in the path of the portal when Debbie first arrives in Yonderland, seem to reference either Pride and Prejudice or a popular sketch in Horrible Histories that's set in Victorian England and also features a couple out on a picnic.
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  • Pete calls Debbie "chu-chi face," as an affectionate nickname, the same one the Emperor uses in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, another show about an exceptionally weird and silly land and eminently British at that.

Episode Two - Wizard Bradley

Episode Three - Reformation

  • Henchdemons Neil, Rita and Jeff don't approve their boss Negatus hiring bounty hunters because they "don't need that scum."
    • Debbie and Elf also feel like "they're being watched" a-la Luke and R2 in The Empire Strikes Back.
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  • Pete sings parts from Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore. He then calls less-than-impressed Debbie "Simon Cowell."
  • During an apparently rousing (if typically confusing) game of "Who Am I?", one Elder's forehead post-it note reads A Bat-Man, and another's says Monk D'Wally de Honk. They later reference playing Twister in the same scene.
  • Elf wears a long multi-coloured scarf that resembles the Fourth Doctor's.
  • A literal 'Little Chef' mentions setting up all-day breakfast roadside diners.
  • Neil tells one of the monks that, "You don't look... local."
  • Negatus has some sort of mark on his forehead which seems to be the letter N but also looks a lot like Harry Potter's lightning-bolt scar.

Episode Four

  • Philip of Woolworth and his Page's introduction plays very much like a scene involving the knights of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, right down to the noticeable absence of horses.
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  • Debbie's North Face jacket gets a shoutout.
  • Debbie references The Da Vinci Code. She didn't like it, apparently. She also mentions Downton Abbey.
  • Negatus' boss makes her first appearance Emperor Palpatine-style, in a blue hologram. Her name, incidentally, means "Empress" in Latin.
  • A blatant Expy of Australian cricket superstar Shane Warne is the tournament's colour commentator.
  • The Page mentions that he's been training champions since "the moon was in the seventh house", which, according to the famous opening theme from the musical Hair, also represents the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius".
  • Emmanuel's music theme is a Suspiciously Similar Song to Sergei Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights."

Episode Five

  • The Parvuli manage to cram pretty much every single 'cute little forest creatures serenade the heroine' cliche Disney ever used into one short song.
  • Debbie tells the Monks of Gesundheit that she's wearing "really big knickers." Offscreen, one of them comments "My, they ''are'' big."

Episode Six

  • The guests at Negatus' party are dressed as Rocky Horror Transylvanians.
  • As discussed on the main page, the sarcastic page's attempt to stop the walls closing in with a guitar is a shout out to Star Wars.
  • The slugs on the wall who are happy to see "new faces" are a Labyrinth reference.

Episode Seven

  • Miss Fanshawe does an apparent Laurel and Hardy homage after the latest disaster interrupts Mr Havelock trying to propose to her, turning to look at the camera in utter exasperation.
  • Debbie getting pulled into Yonderland whilst still in her pyjamas and dressing gown may be a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But then again it may not.
  • Ninny Tom getting launched into the sun and the resultant bad bad animation invokes the old Monty Python animations.

Episode Eight

  • We get Nick waking up and shouting "It's a trap!" just after all the other characters have realized exactly that, as per Admiral Ackbar. Bonus points that his mouth moves almost exactly the same way as Ackbar's.
  • We hear two sports announcers on the radio in the Maddoxes' kitchen; one is referred to as Jim and in fact voiced by Jim Howick. The other is voiced by Ben Willbond - the same duo that usually played the HHTV Sport reporters on Horrible Histories.
  • Throughout the episode, Debbie and Pete make reference to various soccer players.

Series Two

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

  • The episode title is Game of Crones.
  • The opening scene with the camera panning around Dr Hirsch's lab to show items of interest is taken from the opening scene of Doc Brown's lab in Back to the Future.
  • The song This is the Process in this episode is a tribute to Kraftwerk.

Episode Seven

  • The monster hunter Squint is modeled on and named after Quint from Jaws.

Episode Eight

  • The ending is one big Return of the Jedi moment with Debbie burning Imperatrix's body followed by a side wipe and celebratory fireworks.


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