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  • Acting For Seventy: Multiple parts played by the male cast — both main recurring roles and background one-offs, as snake oil salesmen, jugglers, various bystanders and barmen — while the lone female takes on both the heroine and the ultimate Big Bad. The whole gang also dubs several of the puppets' voices, notably Baynton playing Elf, Willbond playing the talking stick, Rickard, Howick and Howe-Douglas playing Jeff, Neil and Rita the henchdemons and Farnaby playing the tree...thing.
    • This becomes especially obvious in episode 4, where the Page (played by Baynton) competes in a tournament hosted by the Chief Elder (again, Baynton), accompanied by Debbie and Elf (voiced by Baynton).
    • Crops up again in the first-series finale: as a result of Debbie's collecting allies for a rescue mission, Rickard's Robert the Gallant, Wizard Bradley and (briefly) Brother Antony all end up reappearing. Possibly not coincidentally, Bradley wears a big hat and a hood for the majority of the episode, while Robert's hat is noticeably tilted over his face.
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  • Cast the Expert: At the end of "Wizard Bradley" the characters all put on a variety of accents from the UK (Irish, Chavs...) except for Willbond, who puts on a French one. He studied it at Oxford.
  • The Cast Showoff: Yes, Ben. We get it. You can juggle.
    • Howick gets to show off his vocal talents (and, for that matter, Baynton his songwriting skills) with the magnificently cheesy soft-rock ballad "What's a King Without a Queen?"
  • Irony as She Is Cast: As seen on Horrible Histories, Martha Howe-Douglas is a pretty decent dancer. In the pilot of Yonderland, we see Debbie failing miserably at some kind of dancercise class.
  • Lying Creator: Perhaps not intentionally, but they did make a pretty emphatic deal out of how Howe-Douglas only gets the one role (aside from voicing a few puppets)... while totally neglecting to mention the small detail of her also playing the show's Big Bad, let alone the resemblance becoming a major plot point and first-series cliffhanger.
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  • The Other Darrin: An interesting version for Elf - Matthew Baynton continues to voice him, but the puppet was redesigned between seasons 1 and 2 with a generally narrower, slightly more realistic face. Lamp Shaded when Debbie apparently asks why Elf looks different in the first episode of Season 2 but it turns out she was actually asking about the sticking plaster on his face - he cut himself shaving.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Every member of the HH troupe has been paired with pretty much every other by the fandom over the course of that show's run, and in this show that same cast seems determined to spoof the idea... leading to things like 'Baybond' (Baynton and Willbond) playing the Oracle as a couple, and this live-tweeting exchange after Baynton's character kissed both Debbie (Howe-Douglas) and the Crone (Howick) in the same episode:
    Rickard: Shipping Dougton...
    Rickard: Now shipping Baynwick. Hmm.
    Howick: You're gonna wear the tape out mate.
    Rickard: It's just SO hot!
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  • Production Posse: The six main Horrible Histories actors breaking off into a new troupe is the entire point of the show. They couldn't bear the idea of not working together any longer, so set up a format that would allow them, in Willbond's words, "to continue to raid the dress-up box and speak in silly voices." The troupe thus formed sometimes informally refer to themselves as "The Assembled Idiots" or just "the idiots".
  • Talking to Himself: A great live-action example where Elf (voiced by Baynton) addresses the Council of the Twelve — including Baynton. Also pops up in episode four and episode eight.
  • Written by Cast Member: Whilst it was created by and stars the whole troupe, each individual episode has a different author.

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