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  • "Hope you're not too old to give your dad a goodnight rim job."
  • The running gag of Rusty singing along to Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose”. The first time the song comes on, he sings along and tries to get Deb, James, and Kevin to sing, but they don’t want to. Then, Kevin asks, “Is this a man or a woman singing?”, to which Rusty replies, “It’s a man! And, like, the coolest man ever! He overcame lupus!”. When Deb, James, and Kevin still don’t want to sing along, he says, “I can’t believe no one in this family wants to sing!”, followed by him asking if they remember the song from “Batman Forever” with Val Kilmer as Batman.
  • Basically anything involving the Tartan prancer, including its two gas tanks, extension cords, and remote control complete with buttons with weird symbols on them— including a swastika!
    • One of the buttons causes the rear bumper to fall off. That's all it does.
  • Chris Hemsworth's extended Walking Shirtless Scene. It's such blatant pandering that it's hilarious.
  • Russ' attempt at being his son's wingman. He claims not to know James, but talks him up in front of a girl when the three of them are alone at an outdoor hotel hot tub at night. It's understandable that he scares her off.
  • Adena's reaction after James stands up for himself. "Weird fucking family."
  • When Kevin asks the trucker if he really is a rapist, the trucker chuckles as if to dimiss the idea, then quickly changes the subject.
  • Clark's stumbling, bumbling attempt to get his guitar out of its cabinet, in the way only Chevy Chase could do so.

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