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Funny / The Hudsucker Proxy

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  • In a bit of Gallows Humor, the fat lady screaming at the splattered body of Hudsucker, then Mussburger calmly grabbing Hudsucker's lit cigar and not wanting to waste "a good Montecristo".
  • Norville pitching his idea to a tired old mail sorter:
    Norville: "See, I don't think I'll be working in this mail room for very long!"
  • An executive who decides to follow Hudsucker's example mid-way through the movie learns that the high-rise office building's Soft Glass has been replaced with a new type of safety-glass... when he smacks face-first into it at a full sprint and gets stopped cold.
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  • Amy's reaction to Norville insulting the writer of a hatchet piece on him, unaware that it was actually her:
    Norville: "What do you say we do dinner and a show? We can go see The King and I!"
    Norville:"...How about Oklahoma!?"
  • Never has the invention of the hulahoop been so hilarious.
  • The Dreaded Blue Letter. Achieves Brick Joke status when late in the film Angelic Hudsucker bemusedly tells Norville failure to deliver a Blue Letter is cause for dismissal — this while Norville is about to get himself "squished."
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