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Funny / The Electric Company (1971)

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  • The final "Love of Chair" sketch, which culminates in Skip Hinnant storming off set midway.
    "No, he isn't. The boy is quitting!"
    Announcer: "B-but...what about Naomi?!!"
  • In one animated sketch, the husband's response to "Gordon, you drive me up the wall!"
  • The "Swerve Sweeney" sketch.
  • Included on the first "Best of" DVD set are a series of outtakes featuring the cast members blowing lines and other bloopers. One such skit features Skip Hinnant and Judy Graubart as house decorators demonstrating past/present/future tense and first, second and third person. (For example, as one of the painters hangs a section of wallpaper, Graubart might say, "I paste," followed by Hinnant saying, "She pastes," and after that, "I pasted," and "She pasted," etc.") After a prop fell over forcing taping to stop, Graubart began laughing so hard that she wet her pants. Mimicking the script, a hysterical (if not embarrassed) Graubart spit out, "I peed!" to which Hinnant humorously replied "She peed!". Then, the dialogue box displayed said words at the bottom of the screen—colored green!
  • Corpsing: A Season 1 skit featuring "Otto the Director" (Rita Moreno as a frustrated director who can never seem to get her actors to say their lines properly) is a takeoff of "The Three Musketeers," with Bill Cosby in the featured role. His line, "All for one and one for all!" Cosby clearly improvises the incorrect lines and ad libs his "I forgot my lines" explanation to Otto, prompting very real out-loud laughter from Morgan Freeman (playing the cue card guy); it is all Moreno can do to stifle her own laughter.
    • Before one take, Otto tries to give Cosby a pep talk, telling him he needs to "say 'all' at the beginning and 'all' at the end." What does Cosby say on the next take? "All at the beginning... and all at the end!" Oops!
  • The "Last Word" in episode 10 is "crackpot", yelled by J. Arthur Crank, whose voice is so loud the lightbulb in the closer shakes and dims itself out!

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