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  • In the pilot, Sonya manages to piss off the husband of a murder victim, then half-heartedly apologizes for failing to practice empathy.
  • In the second season premiere, Eleanor and Yovani argue about the hybrid that Eleanor has rented for them, because Yovani thinks hybrids are for gay men. Eleanor argues that lots of American men drive hybrids. Yovani counters that lots of American men are gay.
  • Frye insults his Tropaholics Anonymous sponsor for wearing a Rush T-shirt.
    • Becomes even funnier later in the season when they get high and start rocking out to "The Spirit of Radio."
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  • Adriana takes Frye to a gay bar to chase down a lead for their money-laundering story. After she chastises him for staring at a drag queen, he claims that he's enjoying the view.
    "Look at him! Six-foot-gorgeous! I'm genuinely aroused!"
  • Cesar reads erotic vampire novels.
  • From the episode "Goliath," when Cerisola arrives at Fausto's hideout with his bodyguard
    Fausto: Show [the bodyguard] your new gun.
    Obregon: (cocks gun)
    Fausto: No, stupid! Just show it to him.
  • Fausto and Obregon make a video to inform Sebastian Cerisola that they have his daughter. Extremely dark Hilarity Ensues, as they keep running into technical problems.
    "Goddamn! Is that the shitty dope we sell?"
  • After Romina Cerisola shoots Fausto full of his own dope, he promptly projectile vomits all over Obregon. Proving once and for all that he is destined to be a Butt-Monkey.
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  • Galvan, on the run from Mexican Marines, asks Obregon if he trusts him. As soon as Obregon says yes Galvan shoots his two other lieutenants, claiming that he needs to cut down his own inner circle. The implication is clear: Obregon is such a Dumb Muscle that Galvan trusts he will never betray him.
  • Eleanor and her father try to kill each other, and Sonya arrives to kill the latter. After she tells Marco:
    Sonya: (Beat) I didn't think about that.

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