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Headscratchers / The Bridge (US)

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  • Why didn't Frye anticipate that he might be targeted when he already knew that the driver who committed the manslaughter was targeted. Didn't anyone think to move him to a safe house?
    • He didn't think through it. Frye only found out when he followed through the case's progress.

  • The killer was portrayed as having some cause and not wanting to kill innocent people if he could avoid it. So why kill Gina? She clearly wasn't talking to the police. She had just run away from them.
    • Witness.

  • How did Fausto Galvan know that the stuff he was throwing in Graziella's goon's eyes was some caustic substance? It didn't have a label. Also why did Fausto assume the man was getting up to attack him? All he did was get up from his seat. There was very little indication he'd attack Fausto and I would even find it surprising that anyone would even try to attack Fausto considering the torture he'd likely put you through

  • Why is Eva all of a sudden a priority and how is she Sonia or Marco'? There are plenty of other lost girls who didn't put themselves in a bad situation as Eva intentionally did. She pissed off the cartels by skipping town and then LEFT HER SAFE HAVEN and went back to Mexico? I'm not suggesting she deserved what's coming, but to give a similar scenario: If someone in the witness protection program leaves his new identity behind and faces the people he's hiding from, it's kind of not the witness protection program's problem anymore.
    • She is the one our protagonists know.

  • In "Maria of the Desert" why didn't the cops even try to get the ransom money. Charlotte asked Marco about it and he was basically like "nah, we're straight." Those four people probably had millions upon millions and although no one likes to part with their money, it probably didn't hurt to ask. I imagine people in that situation would give the ransom.
    • That's because Galvan provided the money.

  • To what degree was Kenneth/David banking on Alma falling in love with him as part of his master plan? He's really kind of a schlub and she would seem out of his league. He kind of looked unsure of himself when he first kissed her. Besides, how did he anticipate Charlotte would seduce Marco?
    • It's just a cover.

  • The big "Alma's a b—-c" argument. Why does Alma insist on leaving Marco and holding him responsible for his sins when she committed a similar transgression? At least he didn't drag their kids along to meet his extra-marital lover without the permission of the other one.
    • Not sure if Bron|Broen did this similarly, but it's been a while now. My guess is that he's been doing it left and right. As for her, she's just frustrated that Marco had another affair. But hey, you're right that she's a hypocrite in itself.

  • Why didn't Marco kill Linder for killing his henchman?


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