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YMMV / The Bridge (US)

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  • Anti-Climax Boss: The hitman that Fausto hires, "The Chopper," is easily taken out by Marco. Instead, the focus of the scene was Marco rescuing Sonya, who is in a desert-induced delirium.
  • Broken Base:
    • Opinions are mixed regarding Diane Kruger's character having Asperger's. A related debate has ensued over whether the writers should be more explicit about this in the show.
    • Marco Ruiz's affair with Charlotte Millwright came across as Out of Character for some viewers, at least at first. Though it was revealed that it's not the first time he's cheated, either on Alma or his first wife.
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    • The whole David Tate reveal provoked mixed reactions, especially after the Wham Episode that was "Vendetta." Some felt that after The Reveal, the whole David Tate plotline essentially hijacked the entire show by devoting much less time to the more interesting weird storylines. The creators admitted to trying to get the David Tate storyline out of the way as quickly as possible because that what the main storyline from the original Danish-Swedish Bron|Broen and because they wanted to open up The Bridge to more possibilities that are beyond the scope of just a strict adaptation of Bron|Broen.
  • Growing the Beard: Come season 2, when the show producers threw off the restraints of following the plot-by-plot approach of Bron|Broen and took the story into their own hands.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Frye slides into this when he has a tearful breakdown during his Tropaholics Anonymous speech.
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  • Too Good to Last
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Ray in general. His Old Flame Friends with Benefits shares her secret tunnel, and he immediately plots to use it for his own gain with his partner in crime. Who is working for the ATF.
    • Gina Meadows, the teenage girl who witnessed her father's murder. She's under police protection and after learning that her mother may lose custody over her, she decides to make a break for it. And is promptly murdered by the same serial killer.
    • Kyle, the teen who encounters Eleanor Nacht washing blood off herself. He decides to help her and blindly follow her demands in return for a peek of flesh. Needless to say, things end badly.

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