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  • Ethan's indignant response to Royland's referral to him as a "milksop."
    Ryon: What's a milksop?
    Ethan: I don't know, but I know it's not good!
  • Cersei, as always, thinking she's very clever. If the player is smart, they'll treat her the same way Tyrion, Littlefinger and Margaery do: Appeasing her misguided sense of self-importance, giving neutral questions and lying shamelessly while watching her talk in circles and making blunt threats while thinking she's being an intimidating Chessmaster. The very fact that, at the end of it, Tyrion invalidates her whole theatre and deals with Mira personally, plus Margaery having already instructed Mira on how to act, shows just how much Cersei matters at this point. Bonus points if you keep up with the series: At this point in the story, Cersei has zero authority, all of it held by Joffrey(officially) and Tywin(behind the scenes), and is about to matter exactly zero as Margaery is to become Queen. She doesn't have the power to actually threaten House Forrester, nor is she doing anything to affect your relationship with Margaery, who was already prepared. She's pretty much making a fool of herself, interrogating a handmaiden as if Mira was a lord.
  • Ramsay is, as always, a master of pitch black comedy. For example, his reaction to finding out that Ethan and Talia are twins is "Ah, like the Queen and her brother! Well, not just like the Queen and her brother, I shouldn't hope..."
    • The interaction Rodrik and he have when walking through the forest:
      Rodrik: How fares your father, Lord Bolton?
      Ramsay: Better than yours.
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  • Asher's reaction to Malcolm's arrival.
    "What in all the gods of fire and fuck?"
  • Cotter says that he was brought to the Watch because of "fucking potatoes". Gared can take the statement literally, and Finn will call him a potato fucker.
  • Maester Ortengryn suggesting that Rodrik remind Eleana that, in terms of lineage, "he is still very much a man". A possible response from Rodrik is "How would you know?!" while another is an awkward, playing-along "I'll... make sure she knows".
  • If you remain silent when Jon Snow asks Gared why he wants to be ranger, a notification pops up stating that Jon Snow knows nothing
  • One-Eyed Croft's introduction.
    • After Asher assures his companions Croft can help them, there's a Gilligan Cut of Croft punching Asher.
    • Croft's "Goodfellas" prank, and especially Malcolm's disturbed reaction.
      "Your friend has an... interesting sense of humor."
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  • A very dark example occurs in the third act of Episode 4 during the confrontation with Ludd Whitehill. If they player chooses to kill him, the game very quickly reminds you what universe you're in as this choice ends with the deaths of everyone present sans Ryon, followed by a Game Over screen. Sometimes, the choices you make are clearly bad ones.
  • The look on Lord Andros' face when Mira angers him in Episode 4. He is literally turning red from anger and his teeth are clenched.
  • Beskha comparing a hangover to a Noodle Incident involving the theft of a giant warhammer from a woman in Lys, getting smacked in the face with it for her trouble.
  • If the player speaks to Arthur in Highpoint, and continues interacting with him, they'll get this little easter egg. Presumably he and his sister are similar to Margaery and Loras Tyrell?
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  • If Asher uses the telescope to examine the beacon his party has to disable, Croft gives out this line:
  • Asher's reaction to Bloodsong's taunting.
    Bloodsong: So, what are you supposed to be? With your little axe and your pretty blond beard. I'd sooner bend you over to fuck than fight you.
    Asher: Thanks for noticing the beard.
  • If Rodrik tells Elaena that she's not alone in Episode 5, they'll have sex in between scenes—and afterwards, while they're still without clothing, Talia walks in on them.
  • When you first enter the fighting pits in Episode 5, You'll be threatened by the Beast who will give you to the count of three to leave. One option is to headbutt him. Of course he's impressed and yells that he likes you. Apparently it's not just Krogans and Psychos that are impressed by headbutts...
  • Gared can ask how Cotter's arm is feeling. Cotter's snarky reply:
    "Feels fine, actually... oh, you mean this arm? Yeah, it's shit."
  • When Sylvi asks if Gared can use a bow, the latter can say that they trained at Castle Black. Sylvi just exudes confidence.
    "So you're shit, then."
  • If Asher is holding the dinner where the Forresters can hopefully dispose of Ludd Whitehill, Whitehill acts like his normal Jerkass self. When he demands to sit in the Lord's chair, Asher can oblige him or make an exasperated facepalm and quietly remark “Fuck, you're making this difficult.” To which Ludd immediately explodes in anger.
  • If Asher is alive during Episode 6 and is fighting in the last battle with the Whitehills, it looks like he is about to be slaughtered by the soldiers surrounding him. He can respond with a defiant “Iron from ice!”, a vengeful “For my brother!”... or with “Don't get my good side!”
  • Finn and Cotter's theory that if you pissed off the Wall, it would freeze into deadly, razor-sharp shards of ice on the way down:
    Finn: Wait, so you're saying I could kill a mammoth with my piss?

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