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  • Delivering a Bob-Omb to the carriage in Fire will cause it to explode there. Three Toads will run away from it with Mario and Luigi joining them in the burning castle.
  • The modern versions of Octopus give you the option to throw your treasure to escape from getting caught. If you hit one of the octopus' tentacles, he will retract it in shock — complete with a Single Tear and X-shaped eyes.
  • Mario hitting his head on the "Interrupt Save" box in 2 if you save a game in progress.
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  • If Yoshi eats burnt food in Chef, his life cycle will be reversed one step (except if he's a baby in which case nothing happens).
  • Luigi flying into a High-Pressure Emotion-powered rage if he gets hit by a Paint Balloon in the modern version of Rain Shower. Later on in the same game, there's also the possibility of Princess Peach of all people being splattered with them. The box art also has Mario trying to apologize to Toad who cries while covered in green paint.
  • Two idle Cut Scenes from 4:
    • Donkey Kong Jr. has Donkey Kong locking Mario in a cage for stealing Jr.'s fruit.
    • In Donkey Kong 3, Mario and Donkey Kong will rapidly fire bubbles from their water guns. This makes them blow up a gigantic bubble which pops, propelling both off screen.
  • Heck, the entire premise of Modern Mode Donkey Kong 3 is silly: Mario and Donkey Kong are trying to scare each other silly by sending each other Boos and ghost-fires via soap bubbles!
  • Mario's Cement Factory:
    • Toad packages the baked cookies while Yoshi catches them with his tongue. If neither have gotten any cookies in a while, Yoshi complains and Toad falls asleep.
    • If any of the containers overflow, Toad or Yoshi will get covered in uncooked batter. Yoshi will be reduced to a pair of eyeballs on top of a mound of dough.


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