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  • when the Funk band's song is abruptly ended by the warden.
    Singer: Yeah! I love you, Fight City!(Stage begins to lower) Hey, what the fuck, man? I got two more verses.
  • Gore,the war god of Pamelonia, being shot by Jail-bot for no apparent reason.
    Gore: Noble warrior(referring to Jail-bot), I am Gore, the war god of Pamelonia.Your people's excessive bloodshed has finally returned me to my mortal, human form.I am forever in debt and shall bestow upon thee all of this world's riches as my sincere thanks (Jail-bot shoots him)ohh, FUCK! What?! Oh, that funking burns! God! Ugh! Um uh I'm a goner.I- I am oh, it's go I- I need to sit.(getting weaker)I- I just got to oh, it's it's getting hazy.I just whoo! I- I don't know what- Oh, god.(dissipates)

"Best Friends Forever"

  • When Jacknife steals a lottery ticket and finds out that he won $100, he freezes with joy.
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  • During the opening sequence, it becomes cut short when a boulder thrown by a cyclops smashes Jailbot with a rock, and he and Jacknife end up falling on an island.
  • The Warden's attempt to "interface" with a computer involves him believing his penis is one of Jailbot's extensions, and said "interfacing" causes the machine to majorly malfunction and explode. A frame gag even shows that when he's flung away, he destroys a spaceship and causes a Grey alien to fall to his death.
  • The Warden snapping and believing that he's Jailbot. To add to the silliness, the inmates are even convinced he's Jailbot when seeing him in his cardboard box costume and assume that Jared engineered a "fix" to drain them of their money.
  • Nicky managing to quickly engineer a bet detailing the plot twist of the episode, which he uses to confiscate Jared's winning ticket (actually Jacknife's, that Jailbot had given him).

"Mayhem Donor"

  • Jared's ending "aesop" about the Doctor's monster imploding on itself due to the racial tensions in its hivemind: "I guess with a little discouragement and a few harsh words, you can break even the tightest of bonds!"
  • There's a gag where Jean and Paul (or two inmates resembling them) are shown giggling and slapping each other with towels in the shower. It quickly becomes dark humor when the inmates wind up slaughtered by the Doctor's monster, with their remains pulled through the shower drains and heads.
  • "Winner gets to savor my tenderloin!", or Alice's attempt at getting two inmates to violently mutilate each other. When both inmates hesitate out of their confusion and revulsion at her, she decides to dismember them herself.

"Lord Stingray Crash Party"

  • The Warden's adoration of Lord Stingray, to the point of trying to dress up as a costumed hero (down to wearing underwear over tights).
  • "So I thought, "What IS the difference between soup and stew?", followed by the Warden chewing out Jared for his meaningless babble.
  • The Warden's lie to Jared that they're actually friends, where it's quickly revealed that the Warden is only saying such because he's afraid of being beat up by the angered inmates.
  • Lord Stingray's encounter with his cellmate in the final scene:
    Lord Stingray: Would you like to be my assistant?
    (The cellmate only shoves Stingray to the ground, and we hear his pants unzip)
    Cellmate: Shut the FUCK up.note 
    Lord Stingray: (confused) ...Is that a "yes"?

"Hot Chick"

  • The Warden parading about naked in an attempt to mimic the alien Hunter. In the broadcast version, a large censor bar is slapped over his genital region and even wobbles and shifts about.
  • There's also the Warden's picture, where he's doodled himself and Hunter as lovers and Jared as their pet dog.
  • Sweet Cheeks' flashbacks to Alice tormenting him are a mix of hilarious and disturbing, as he's shown subjected to her different bizarre fetishes. One even shows him being forced strip naked while having live kittens crawl all over him.
  • Though Jean and Paul don't really get to say or do anything in the episode, they do appear in a brief background gag where Jean is shown staring at his lover and stroking his pecs.
  • The Twins' lie to the inmates ends in the higher-pitched one note  not even being able to match his brother's dialogue, with his shrieking "And finish stuff!" instead of "And finish the job!"
    • See also the Twins' disgusted and confused expressions after the inmates still show interest in wanting to have sex with Hunter. Considering that she's their DOG, they'd have reason to be disturbed.
  • Ozzal's ridiculously formal subtitles for his alien dialogue lapse briefly, with them reading "Whoa crap! You got ugly!" as he sees that Hunter's morphed into a nude woman.

Gay Wedding

  • Alice maiming one of the Warden's jail creatures in her anger, due to her throwing his desk through a window and hitting it. As the staff members converse, the unfortunate creature proceeds to thrash about in pain and panic in a Funny Background Event- that is, until a bunch of flying robot drones fire upon him to put him out of his misery.
  • The Warden's failed attempts at impressing the inmates, with suggestive scenes quickly turning goofy (to the inmates' aggravation).
  • Some of the background events that go on during the bachelorette party also add to the humor: One inmate shares his beer by spewing it into another's mouth, while Gary does the same by letting Bird drink from his mouth.
  • "I now pronounce you husband and husband!" "You may kiss the — oh, that'll work too, I guess!"
    • The staff's reactions in the same scene are also noteworthy. While Jared looks terrified, the Warden is shown to look unsure, and Jailbot displays a shocked expression on his screen, Alice simply grins at seeing what Jean and Paul are doing.


  • "So, uh, DUDE. How's your DATE going, huh? ..." among many other moments.
  • The Twins encounter with the shady "Director" in Time Police Part 2.
    Director: Fellas, fellas, I love the whole twins thing! You two dudes ever, uh, done any acting?
    Twins: (In unison) Negatory.
    Director: note  What do you say we go back to my place in the Bronx and we get some, uh, you know, some test shots?
    Twins: (In unison) We say "Awesome."
    (The twins walk off with the "director" and are shown being loaded into the back of his van.)
    Director: How do you guys feel about a little, uh...tasteful nudity?
    Twins: (Just one of them) What? (Doors close)
    • To add to the humor, if viewers watch the scene closely: The two female models that the "Director" was hanging out with quickly become irritated by him eyeing the Twins, and storm off.
  • "I ain't climbin' inside no ASCRAC!"

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